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Flood Restoration and Water Damage Restoration

servicesWhenever there’s flooding, a leak, or an overflow every minute counts as water soaks in more and more deeply.  Even clean water is not harmless, and can lead to far more than stains and discoloration.  Bacteria and mold can grow into a big  problem in 24-48 hours, and lingering moisture can destroy building finishes and even damage the structure itself.

Too often people try to take care of flood damage removal themselves.  But then either mistakes or not getting everything thoroughly dry soon enough leaves them with far more problems than they had just a few days earlier. Surfaces may appear dry, but deep down wood and other materials can still be damp or downright wet.  The sooner water damage restoration professionals are on the job the less destruction there will be.  And most likely repairing that secondary harm is excluded from your insurance coverage.  With immediate mitigation, your life or business will be back to normal far sooner.

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Restoration Masters for Flood Damage Removal

So speed is of the essence.  In selecting a flood restoration company you’ll also want someone with technical expertise (including certified technicians and proper licensing) and a great reputation as well as someone who guarantees their work and who is experienced in dealing with insurance companies.

That’s Restoration Masters.  There will always be a live person to take your call 24/7/365.  They can dispatch emergency services within minutes, and you’ll have an expert at your location within the hour.

We’re a single company can provide the full range of services needed for water damage repair and flood restoration, from pump-out to repairs to carpet cleaning.  There’s no need for you to deal with coordinating several contractors during a difficult time. And of course we’re fully licensed, insured, and bonded. Our goal is to get your life back to normal and your home or business returned to pre-loss condition quickly and affordably.

Insurance Claims

Flooding is usually not part of standard homeowner policies and is an additional “riders.”  After years of working with local adjusters and all major insurance companies we’re ready to help you navigate that maze for hassle-free claim filing.  We know exactly what is necessary to meet their mitigation and documentation requirements. We bill your insurance company directly and wait for their claims payout, so you’re not strapped for cash during this already difficult time.

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Water Damage Tips

For anything more than a small spill or overflow, give us a call and we’ll be there in less than an hour.  Until then here, are a few things you should be aware of.

  • If there is a plumbing leak, shut off the supply valve.  If the problem is at a fixture, use the small valves near the fixture.  Otherwise use the main valve, under a small cover near the street for single-family homes. For other locations contact the building manager.
  • Evacuate the area.
  • Turn off electrical power to wet areas to avoid electrocution hazards.
  • Set furniture legs on a few layers of aluminum foil or other water barrier.
  • Lift drapes as well as furniture and betting skirts.
  • Remove books and important papers.
  • Call your insurance company and also mail them a notification of loss.  The detailed claim filing comes after work is completed.
  • Do NOT use a home, shop, wet-vac, or carpet cleaner due to the electrocution hazard.
  • Do NOT lay down newspapers or magazines as the ink is likely to bleed and stain carpets, rugs, and other flooring.
  • Minimize walking on wet carpet as this compacts the fibers and forces in contaminants.

Above all, don’t delay calling in professional services for anything more than small area that is immediately mopped up.

Flood Restoration

Water quickly soaks through floor coverings into the sub-flooring and can even wick a foot or more up in walls.  The deeper it goes the longer it takes to naturally dry, which can several weeks, or longer.  Yet mold, bacteria, and viruses can become health hazards in as little as 24 hours.  Water damage also begins within a couple of days.  Sheetrock crumbles and wood swells, warps, splits, and rots.



First Steps

Our immediate actions include a thorough inspection, evaluating the situation and creating detailed documentation of all losses.

With a plan in place we then proceed with flood restoration.  Our powerful equipment provides a rapid pump out of any standing water.  If appropriate our pack out services can remove furniture and other possessions for treatment and storage under controlled conditions.


Sewage Backups and Health Hazards

Any flooding involving a toilet or sewer line backup or a broken sewer line requires extra precautions and careful disinfection.  Actually any water standing for 24 hours or more poses health hazards with the growth of bacteria, viruses, and fungus.

In removing contaminated water and sanitizing flooded and nearby areas we take all the precautions necessary to protect you and your family or employees.  We also protect our workers, supplying all OSHA required and recommended protections.


Flood Damage Removal

After decontamination and dry-out, as general contractors we can complete the job with whatever flood damage repair services you might need, from clean up and minor repairs all the way to demolition and reconstruction of destroyed areas.

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Water Damage Removal

After flooding or any significant leak you also need professional water damage restoration services to remove all soaked-in excess moisture before building materials deteriorate further.


Wetness can be hiding under floor coverings, within walls, in attics, in crawl spaces, inside cabinets, and so on.  So we begin our water damage restoration services with a thorough assessment and a free estimate.  Moving forward we’ll take a detailed inventory of damage for insurance purposes and create a detailed action plan.  We’ll determine and correct the cause, whatever that might be.  We can also provide pack out services to protect your furniture and possessions as well as speed dry out.

  Leak Detection

Besides flooding and obvious plumbing leaks, there can be hidden sources such as leaking plumbing, windows, or roofing that can be causing damage without your even knowing about it.  Restoration Masters uses multiple techniques for leak detection and to track down their location.

  Water Extraction

After pumping out any standing or pooled water and dealing with any sanitation issues we next use specialized water extraction equipment.  This powerful gear removes up to 2 times as much water as do-it-yourself and the methods used by some of our competitors.  That cuts 1 to 2 days off the all-critical dry out time and reduces the need for water damage repairs.

  Building Structural Dry Out

Then comes taking care of wetness that has soaked deeply into the sub-flooring and up into walls.  We use a combination of refrigerant dehumidifiers and high-volume blowers to pull moisture down to safe levels as quickly as possible.  We may also employ additional unique gear such as rescue mats for hardwood floor drying and local heaters or pressurized air for drying out the interior of walls.  Everything continues with frequent monitoring of temperature and humidity testing to keep drying on track until our materials moisture tests indicate that levels are right where they should be.

   Mold and Odor Removal

Our water damage restoration service includes applying non-toxic antimicrobial and mildicide treatments to head off any problems.  Sometimes despite our best efforts and approved practices mold becomes an issue.  It produces allergens and toxins, and damages building materials.  We’ll then apply whatever mold remediation is necessary, providing permanent mold removal so that there won’t be any regrowth in the weeks and  months to come.

Whether from mold or bacteria lingering odors are often a problem, and frequently come from difficult or impossible to reach locations.  We use our ozone and hydroxyl generators to take care of that, neutralizing the smelly compounds rather than just temporarily masking odors.  Both types of generators produce simple molecules that break down odor compounds.  It’s completely safe as ozone and hydroxyl themselves break down into oxygen and water in about a day.  Hydroxyl generators are even safe enough for use during ongoing work and you can continue to occupy your home or business.

Water Damage Reconstruction and Restoration

Final water damage repair can range anywhere from carpet cleaning to demolition and water damage reconstruction for a large portion of the building.  As a licensed general contractor we can take care of it all.  Our services include installing new carpet as well as replacing drywall (sheet rock) and acoustic ceilings.  We can even repair furniture, electrical appliances, and HVAC (heating and cooling) systems.

Water Damage Emergency? We Can Help! 24/7 Fast Response (855) 220-1256

Take Prompt Action

100% Satisfaction GuaranteeFlooding is one of the few natural disasters where you have some control over limiting damage even after the catastrophe as occurred. By taking prompt and proper action you can prevent potentially extensive further water damage.  Restoration Masters is a full-service restoration company that can take care of all your needs.  During this stressful time there’s no need for you stress out over hiring and managing multiple contractors and worrying that something might get overlooked.  We’ll even take care of insurance paperwork hassles and soon leave your home or place of business as if nothing had happened.