We had water damage and Restoration Masters came out and helped us. They were professional and helped us communicate with our insurance company so we didn't have to spend our money out of our pocket. They stored all our home furniture, dried up all wet areas and brought help to reconstruct all of the repairs to our home. They assisted through all the steps and were very patient with all our questions and concerns. I recommend Restoration Masters to others as well.

We have used Restoration Masters for a water damage situation in a commercial warehouse we own. it was an emergency based situation Thanks g-d we saw the leak right away a closed the main pipes, all of the AC equipment we own was in damage however Restoration Masters came and in a few hours everything was above ground and they have started to take care of the mess. I really appreciate the fast service and all of the help! It saved us a lot of time and money. I definitely recommend to use them

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Looks like I am the first one to review Restoration Masters 🙂 so here is my story in full-
I recently had a major water damage at my house and thanks God for sending Restoration Masters to my house !!!
I woke up to use a bathroom and felt water flowing everywhere around my feet. I turned on the ligths and found water spraying full on from the toilet hose, the plastic connection of the hose cracked open and water was flooding the whole house up and downstairs. Looks like it was leaking for a while, since the ceiling in living room under the bathroom was all wet and water was leaking thru the drywall, so I poked a hole to relise the water.
It was a huge mess and I soon enough I realized that I will not be able to contain the water and handle it all by my self. I Googled for water damage services in Woodland Hills and found Restoration Masters and was extremely happy when Neto answered the phone so late at night (around 4am).
Neto arrived with his crew of five guys in about an hour and they immediately got to work. They moved all furniture out the way and packed my belongings in to boxes, they spent a few hours extracting the water, isolating wet areas and setting up all kind of specialty equpment and large fans to dry the place. Neto assured me that everything would be fine and he will deal with the insurance directly and will help me to handle the whole process start to finish including restoration of all areas affected with his construction devesion.
Carlos came by every day to take moisture readings and check the equipment to make sure that drying process is going well.
It took another two weeks untill everything was restored back to normal and it really looks like nothing ever happened.
Thanks a million to Neto, Carlos, Alex and all other guys that helped me to deal with all this overwhelming mess.
Exelent customer service and dedication to details. Very professional guys, they did an amazing job and I would recommend them to anyone that need help with water damage.
Thank you again!!!! I hope that I will never have to go through another water damage again - but if I do, Neto- Ill call you 😉

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Restoration Masters to the RESCUE!! Seriously we had an issue with the toilet and the water wouldn't stop coming out not to mention it was 2am! So I called Restoration Masters not expecting to get anyone but an answer machine but I got a live person that was very professional over the phone. (The 2 other company's I called never answered I guess its true what they say third time a charm).
1hour 15minutes later Restoration Masters was at my home fixing the problem we had in the rest room! I was amazed on how prompt they were how efficient they were and how professional they were at all times!!!! No smelly guy no plumber crack just good and reliable workman ship and very cheap in price!!! Thanks Restoration Masters

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I found Restoration Masters after one of the pipes burst in our bathroom. Our carpet was also soaking wet and needed help to fix the damage. I was looking for something affordable with a fast response!
I was lucky they picked up right away since it was early in the morning. The sun hadn't even come out! But they came by within an hour of my call and when they arrived they were very professional. They did a thorough job with the bathroom pipes and checked for any other potential leaks. Pretty much took care of everything! Woo!
They also checked if any mold had formed before they replaced our carpet. They kept us posted on the process and how long everything would take. They even came by a few days after to make sure it was running smoothly. I can't thank them enough! And highly recommend them. They really made this situation so much easier.

Three and a half months ago we had an explosion in the main pipe in the kitchen. It got all the floor, cabinets, and furnitures soaked wet! Unfortunately, nobody was home to stop the main water pipe!
I called my friend Mike and he referred me to Restoration Masters, Within less than an hour they came in and took all of the damaged fixtures and furnitures to their storage, it took them 24 hours to dry out all of the mess, they spoke with my insurance company and took care of everything from A to Z.
I am very happy with their service since when it happened it looked like it's going on take a while to get everything back to normal but now I can only say thank to this wonderful company and their professionalism this experience was much better than I thought
Thank you Restoration Masters

We had some issues with our bathroom, our shower & sink was clogged. Restoration Masters earned my business with reasonable prices, great work, and helpful customer service. I know who I'll be calling next time I need a plumber, thanks Restoration Masters!