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Are you looking for flood restoration in West Covina?  You want to make the right choice, but you must act quickly as the first 24 to 48 hours are the most critical in keeping everyone safe and preventing further destruction.  Restoration Masters is a leading water damage restoration serving the West Covina area.  Our expert flood services include water removal, structural dry out, and mold remediation.  Our experience and expertise also includes fire damage restoration.  In addition to the building itself we’ll rescue furniture, electronics, and other possessions.

We’re always ready to meet your emergency needs 24/7.  Call us anytime of the day or night and a knowledgeable dispatcher will send out the right certified inspectors and technicians along with everything they’ll need within minutes.

Why are those first 1 or 2 days so important?  Given only moisture, mold can become rampant in as little as a day.  Almost immediately water makes its way through every crack and opening, and soaks deeply into porous materials.  Without the best in professional extraction that excess moisture lingers for weeks causing sheetrock to simply fall apart and wood to swell, warp, crack, and perhaps even rot.  Smoke’s toxic and odor-causing compounds will likewise penetrate deeply and if not thoroughly removed within a critical period they become permanent.  Simply put, you’ll experience more building destruction and lose more of your possessions.  And that won’t be covered by any insurance because it was preventable.

Why You Should Choose Restoration Masters

We’re a family owned and operated local flood services contractor, experienced in commercial as well as residential work.  As part of our water damage removal work we can include mold remediation, repairs, and reconstruction.  We also offer fire damage restoration, pack out services, storm damage restoration, and leak detection.

We have working relationships with all major West Covina insurance companies, and know exactly what they require in mitigation work as well as in documentation details for a smooth claims process.  We’ll bill them directly for no up front payments and our staff will work with them directly, saving you the hassles and worry.

To assure industry best practices we employ inspectors and technicians certified by the CRA (www.crassociation.org) and the IICRC (www.iicrc.com) and provide them with state-of-the-art water damage restoration equipment as well as the latest smoke and odor removal equipment.

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