Granada Hills Water Damage Restoration Contractor

You’re facing a Granada Hills home or business building flood disaster? When it comes to storm and flood damage repair, water damage restoration, mold remediation, fire damage repair (including smoke and odor removal), and/or mold removal it actually takes quite a bit of technical knowledge to know exactly what is needed, let along how to actually perform the various flood repair processes thoroughly and properly.  After 24 hours any water becomes a health hazard itself, and usually leads to the need for mold abatement. Any emergency calls for immediate 24/7 professional attention. That’s why you need a full-service flood restoration and removal company like Restoration Masters that specializes in damage restoration and employs a virtual army of certified experts. Everyday carpet cleaners, handymen, and general contractors simply aren’t up to the job.

We’re a local family owned and operated business with years of experience, and all the proper licensing and insurance.  Beyond technical excellence at competitive rates we’re dedicated to outstanding customer care.  We’ll provide a free estimate and take the time to answer your questions and to discuss options and progress at every step of the way.  Restoration Masters will bill your insurance company directly and provide all of the detailed documentation and mitigation steps necessary for a no-headache claims process.  And you have our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Simply make a single call any time of the day or night and we’ll be at your Granada Hills home or business within an hour to take care of all of your building flood recovery needs.  That also includes storm damage restoration and hidden leak detection.

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With any fire, plumbing, or storm incident there’s a short window of time to take the all-important first steps that guard against further harm and destruction.  So don’t hesitate to get the process started.  From board up and tarp overs to final haul away and eco-friendly disposal we’re ready to take care of everything.



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You have enough upsetting you without adding insurance forms and payments.  Restoration Masters has a working relationship all major insurance companies serving the Granada Hills area, and we’ll take care of all of the detailed documentation and make sure that their required mitigation treatment schedules are followed for a swift and smooth claims process.  And we’ll wait for their payment so that you don’t have to contend with making an up-front payment to get everything going.

Granada Hills Concerns

The Granada Hills neighborhood is lightly populated, and so is vulnerable to wildfires. For example, a recent 40-acre blaze in 2015 forced the evacuation of 10 homes (  And the source doesn’t have to be wildfire.  In April 2016 strong winds stoked a home fire, leaving the home uninhabitable (  In January of that year a major storm possibly included a tornado (, so homeowners and business owners need to be especially prepared for heavy rains, strong winds, and fires.