Huntington Beach, California Fire and Water Damage Services

In need of fire or flood services in Huntington Beach?  It doesn’t take a major blaze or knee-deep basement flood to need professional restoration.  Our water damage restoration and fire damage restoration specialists are ready 24 hours a day to prevent further destruction and get your home or business life back to normal as quickly as possible.  Their specialist expertise includes mold removal, sewage removal, smoke, and odor removal.

Without an expert’s choice of the right procedures and specialized equipment, secondary damage sets in quickly.  Smoke discolors some materials immediately, others in just a few hours.  And there’s just a 1-2 day window to prevent fire odors from becoming permanent.  Even minor flooding and leaks lead to mold, destroyed drywall, warped and rotting wood, and so on in that same window of opportunity for prevention.  Our certified cleaning and restoration technicians can stop that progressive harm in its tracks.  That’s why we provide services 24/7/365 for Huntington Beach homes and businesses.

Why Choose Restoration Masters?

An independently owned and operated fire and water damage contractor, we’re fully licensed and insured for residential and commercial work in Huntington Beach and beyond.

  • Prompt — Our fast response teams can be at your door within an hour.
  • Expert — Highly trained and with years of experience our crews include technicians certified in the full range of fire and flood damage removal procedures.
  • Latest Equipment — We maintain our own large inventory of cleaning and restoration equipment, including high-performance water extraction vacuums, refrigerant dehumidifiers, powerful air movers, air scrubbers, dry-ice and soda-blasters, and ozone generators.
  • Exceptional Customer Care — Our field crews and office staff never forget that you’re going through a stressful and worrisome time and strive to make it a little bit easier.

Flood Insurance

General policies do not cover flood damage from storms or tides.  That requires a special rider.  And regardless of cause, claims will almost certainly be denied if proper maintenance and mitigation steps weren’t take in a timely manner.  We understand what those requirements are, as well as the photos and other detailed documentation necessary for a smooth and speedy claims process.  We accept all insurance companies and we’ll work with them directly to save you time and distraction.  We’ll also keep things simple by billing them directly, and can even help with your deductible.  Covered or not, you can count on us for top-quality work at very competitive rates.

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Fire Damage Repair and Restoration in Huntington Beach

Just looking at the scene of destruction after even a small fire feels overwhelming.  But there’s even more damage and concerns than you can see.  Fire may have made its way inside walls and smoke and soot reach some surprising places, often quite far from the blaze itself.  Invisible contaminants linger in the air, and firefighting water and foam are ready to create biohazards such as mold and cause their own further destruction.

Our highly trained fire damage restoration teams are well prepared to take care of all that.

After securing the building with tarp overs, board ups, and shoring our crews get to work on debris cleanup and repairs.  Our fire damage restoration experts run air scrubbers and attend to specialized cleaning.  Soda and dry-ice “blasting” equipment quickly and thoroughly removes smoke, soot, and char from building surfaces.  And our water damage restoration specialists complete drying and mold remediation.  Finally, our crews complete repairs and reconstruction, hauling away all wastes and debris.

Smoke and Odor Removal

Whether smoke, mold, decay, or sewage many odors come from beyond accessible surfaces.  If bad smells remain after cleaning and using microscopic HEPA air filters and ventilation, our smoke and odor removal specialists bring in ozone generators.  These units produce an ecologically friendly gas that penetrates into porous materials and makes its way through the tiniest of openings.  Ozone safely breaks apart odor-causing compounds, then completely dissipates.

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Huntington Beach Water and Flood Damage Restoration

Small leaks lead to progressive, often hidden, damage that needs repair.  With major flooding damage prevention is our watchword.  Water quickly reaches past surfaces and into the structure, and begins progressive destruction.  Even with extra ventilation that can go on for weeks before natural evaporation is complete, especially in humid Huntington Beach locations.  So that means getting everything thoroughly dry, removing every last bit of excess moisture that’s made its way deeply into building materials as quickly as possible.  After bulk water removal, our powerful water extraction gear pulls surface water out of floors, walls, and ceilings.  That lowers humidity, reducing the likelihood of mold and speeding further drying.  An array of structural dry out equipment then pulls out every last bit of dampness within just a couple of days.  Meanwhile our other certified technicians have been taking care cleaning and disinfecting.

Flood Cleanup and Sewage Removal

Natural flooding and sewage backups bring major health hazards that call for our microbial remediation specialists.  Sewage extraction must be accompanied by immaculate cleaning and disinfection, with the affected area isolated to prevent airborne spread.  Strict regulations apply to transporting such wastes through Huntington Beach streets and on to proper disposal.

Recovery, Repair, and Reconstruction

Our technicians and skilled crews can take care of building contents as well as the building itself.  That includes upholstered and other furniture, appliances, home and business electronics, carpeting and other flooring.  That starts with moving undamaged and recoverable items from a wet or contaminated location.  That may be to an unaffected area at your site, but our pack out services are usually a better solution.  They include carefully packing your belongings and transporting them to our climate-controlled facility for treatment and secure storage.

Our crews are also experienced in fire damage and water damage repair, from replacing drywall or carpeting all the way to complete reconstruction.  Whatever building trades you might need — carpentry, cabinetry, flooring installation, counter tops, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, … — you’ll only have to deal with a single company, Restoration Masters.

Mold Remediation

Many species (not just black mold) are highly toxic, and all species spread easily by microscopic spores that float in the air.  So EPA guidelines and OSHA regulations call for special precautions and specific procedures for mold remediation, and urge the use of licensed professionals for all but the smallest problems (  Our licensed experts follow those regulations and guidelines to the letter.  After identifying the location and type, they’ll isolate the area, set up air filters and exhaust, then complete thorough spore and mold removal with the best-practices for your particular situation.  They’ll decontaminate surrounding areas, and apply non-toxic mildicide as further abatement against re-growth.  All wastes will be sealed for transportation and proper disposal.

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Commercial Services

Our many years of experience include working directly with Huntington Beach business owners and homeowners as well as with property managers.  Working closely together we’ve come to fully recognize the importance of maintaining full or partial operation during recovery whenever possible, and the importance of the fastest re-opening or return to full operations that consistent with safety and quality work.

We’re ready to tackle major destruction, including structural damage and harm to building contents.  We understand how churches as well as homeowners have possessions they value far beyond any replacement cost.  For hotels and motels we’re ready for everything from a single room to multiple floors or an entire wing.  Just about every business includes furnishing and electronics that need to be protected and restored, and fire sprinklers add major flooding to most fires.  We’ll work with inventory in retail stores, warehouses, and factories.  Our microbial remediation specialists understand the food safety and health inspection issues for restaurants as well as the biohazards, extreme sanitation, and certificate of operation requirements of hospitals, medical, and nursing facilities.

Huntington Beach CA Natural Disasters

Once you’ve made it through your current crisis it’s important to prepare your family, home, and business for the future.  Most water and fire damage are the result of leaks, equipment failures, and kitchen fires so it’s also important to stay on top of maintenance and inspections.  It’s also important to be prepared for natural disasters.  The City of Huntington Beach California lists helpful information regarding emergency supplies and family plans (pets included!) at  Over the 60 year period ending in 2010 reports that there were 37 wildfires, 89 incidents of strong winds, and 158 significant floods plus 184 other “extreme events” all within 50 miles of Huntington Beach proper.