Ontario CA Damage Restoration

Looking for expert fire or water damage restoration in Ontario, California?  Whether for home or business you can count on Restoration Masters for fast arrival 24/7 and truly professional restoration services.  As our name suggests we’re experts in flood services, including water damage restoration, water damage repairs, sewage removal, and mold remediation.  But we’re a one-call full-service company with specialists in fire damage restoration as well as smoke and odor removal too.

Restoration Masters


We’re the Ontario area’s leading fire damage repair and water damage contractor with all the qualifications you should be looking for in a fire and flood company.  Fully licensed and insured we’re locally owned and operated, and we’re here for the long run.  A licensed California general contractor for residential and commercial work, we’re also a licensed mold removal company.  In addition to experienced and skilled construction crews our team includes certified technicians covering the many special services needed for complete fire and water damage restoration.

Our fast response with advanced equipment 24 hours a day every day of the year means you’ll experience the absolute minimum of secondary damage.  Our immediate mitigation actions also means that any further losses that do occur should meet your insurance carrier’s requirements for coverage.  Restoration Masters takes the hassle out of filing insurance claims by working with your insurer directly and making sure that all of their mitigation and documentation expectations are met.

Flood Damage

There’s really no such thing as a minor flood.  Even a bathtub overflow can lead to a need for flood damage restoration.  As described in IICRC water damage restoration guidelines, with anything beyond a few square feet of soaked flooring enough water will make its way into the building’s structure to cause deterioration if not outright destruction.  It penetrates deeply, and it can take weeks for the structure to return to safe moisture levels.  That’s why our flood services begin with prevention, completing thorough drying in just a few days.


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Ontario Water Damage Restoration

Removing bulk water and debris cleanup are just the beginning.  Given as little as 24 hours standing water becomes filled with germs, and discharge from washing machines and dishwashers can be a health hazard right from the start.  So our certified cleaning and sanitation specialists are an important part of our team.  After health and safety the next priority is minimizing secondary harm through rapid drying.  That’s critical, even during dry Ontario weather.

Water Extraction

Our high-performance water extraction equipment removes up to twice as much water from ceiling, wall, and floor surfaces as even truck-mounted carpet cleaners.  That immediately reduces humidity which can quickly lead to mold on furniture and other possessions and cuts total drying time by a day or more.

Structural Dry Out

It’s still necessary to pull out moisture that’s made its way up walls (yes, upwards!) and penetrated deeply into sub-flooring and framing.  To do that our drying technicians deploy a range of equipment such as commercial air movers and refrigerant dehumidifiers.  Based on frequent measurements they’ll make adjustments to keep the processing moving along as quickly as possible, and not stop until structural dry out is complete with all moisture down to safe levels.

Water Damage Repair

Our crews are also well qualified for any water damage repairs you might need, including replacing cabinets.  Even demolition and reconstruction of the hardest-hit rooms.  Our cleaning and restoration technicians can attend to rugs and carpets, upholstered furniture, and more.


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Fire Damage Restoration

If you’re looking over the scene and feeling overwhelmed, there’s good reason. Above and beyond the losses there’s a host of things that need to be done promptly and properly.  Fire damage restoration often involves just about every area of specialization our team has to offer.  Smoke damage worsens in just hours, so we’ll be there within minutes.  Anywhere in Ontario, 24/7.

Along with securing building openings and structural reinforcements we’ll first set up air scrubbers to help guard health and reduce further contamination.  With fire hoses or sprinklers involved our water damage restoration and mold abatement experts will go to work on the building and its contents.

Smoke and Odor Removal

Soot and smoke can spread throughout the building, making its way through even the smallest of openings.  Smoke contains, quite literally, thousands of different chemical compounds.  Besides being toxic to humans and pets, smoke contains acidic chemicals that can corrode almost any metal as well as other compounds that soon permanently discolor a wide range of materials.  If performed soon enough surface cleaning can get rid of smoke odors, and our dry-ice blasters quickly cover large areas.  But neither machine nor hand cleaning can reach everywhere.  So we also use ozone generators for complete odor removal.  Eco-friendly ozone penetrates porous surfaces as well as makes its way through the tiniest of openings to reach deep within the building itself.  It breaks apart odor-causing compounds, then harmlessly dissipates.

Fire Damage Repair

As a licensed California general contractor we can take care of whatever repairs and reconstruction you might need, from flooring to roofing and everything in between.  That includes painting, cabinetry, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC.  Our cleaning and restoration technicians can also rescue many possessions such as furniture (including upholstery), personal and business electronics, and appliances.  Our crews don’t neglect debris removal and haul away, so there won’t be anything remaining that you have to deal with.


Storm Flooding and Sewage Removal

With sewage extraction sanitation is clearly vital.  But did you know that the IICRC gives any water that’s been in contact with the ground the same “Category 3” classification?  Both require isolating the affected area to prevent the spread of germs, personal protection equipment for workers, and absolutely thorough cleaning and disinfecting.  Dealing with a sewage backup must go further still.  Anything that’s come in direct contact must be discarded if it can’t be heat sterilized.  And all wastes must be transported and disposed of according to Ontario, California, and federal regulations.

Mold Remediation

You may need professional mold removal even if your walls aren’t covered with fuzzy blotches.  A type of fungus that doesn’t need light, mold growth may be out of control inside a wall or under flooring.  You only clue might be a musty odor or persistent health complaints.  But if it’s there and happens to be a toxic variety prolonged exposure has serious health consequences.  Not to mention more extensive home or business repairs.  Spores, toxins, and allergens spread easily in the air, so a licensed mold remediation company such as Restoration Masters is your safest choice.  We’ll prevent spread with plastic sheeting, exhaust fans, and HEPA air filters before actual mold removal.  Our technicians will also decontaminate surrounding areas and apply mildicide to guard against regrowth.  And our odor removal specialists will get rid of musty smells in carpeting, upholstered furniture, and even deep within the building itself.


Ontario Flooding

Despite modern infrastructure, Ontario residents and businesses need to be prepared for more than earthquakes.  You may recall the serious street flooding in the fall of 2015.  The local area actually suffers some two times the number of extreme weather events as Southern California overall.  Over a 60 year period ending in 2010 there were 422 incidents of significant flooding within 50 miles of Ontario.  On top of that there were 233 days of high winds and 252 wildfires or brush fires plus over 450 other episodes of extreme weather.  (Information from (http://www.usa.com/ontario-ca-natural-disasters-extremes.htm).  So once you’re back into your regular routine, check out http://www.ontarioca.gov/emergency-management/disaster-preparedness-websites.


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