Water Damage Contractor, Torrance CA

With any sort of flooding, large or small, you need immediate professional water damage removal attention to prevent further harm.  For anything more than a few square feet, do-it-yourself methods such as mopping and blotting or bleaching mold simply aren’t enough.  Our flood restoration company has years of experience in the Torrance area with certified inspectors and technicians and the latest in water damage restoration.  We also have fully-trained experts in fire damage restoration, leak detection, mold remediation, pack out services, smoke and odor removal, and storm damage restoration.

A blaze or flooding sets a whole series of events into motion.  Water immediately starts soaking in, quickly reaching deep within the structure itself.  Even with routine services such as carpet cleaning, it can remain in the sub-floor for weeks causing warping and splitting.  Major flooding even wicks up walls where it delaminates paneling, disintegrates sheetrock, and can even destroy structural framing.  And with Torrance’s mild climate you’re likely to encounter mold as well as germs and other disease-causing organisms in as little as 24 hours.  Smoke and soot contain hundreds of compounds that are toxic, corrosive, or odor-causing.  Traveling throughout the building, they too immediately start penetrating porous materials such as walls and upholstered furniture.  They’re soon beyond the reach of even the best smoke and odor removal methods, and will re-release those odors and toxins for years.

Restoration Masters fast-response teams are ready 24/7, so call us anytime day or night to start putting your worries to rest.

We’re experienced in commercial as well as residential structures, and can restore furniture and other contents as well as the building itself.

Our Flood Company


Family owned and operated, we’re a local flood company that puts our customers first.  We know you’re working through a stressful and emotionally difficult time, so we do our best to keep the recovery process smooth and swift.  We’re one of the few single companies capable of taking care of all your restoration needs start to finish.

Whatever insurance company you’re with, we’ll work with them directly to save you the frustrations of all the necessary details in estimates and loss inventories.  Having working relationships with all leading insurers serving Torrance, we’re thoroughly familiar with their claims process as well as their requirements for promptly mitigating against further losses.  We’ll also bill them directly so that there’s no up front payment and awaiting the claims check for you.

In addition to our skilled and experienced construction crews (we’re a fully licensed and insured general contractor), we employ inspection and technician specialists certified by the CRA and IICRC.   They’re fully-trained and highly knowledgeable for complete flood service, water damage removal, mold remediation, and fire damage restoration.  For the best possible results we also maintain a full line of specialized equipment including powerful water extraction gear, HEPA filters, refrigerant dehumidifiers, ozone generators, and dry-ice blasters.

Torrance Flood Service

As a leading LA flood company we’re fully prepared for all of your water damage removal needs.  Actually, the priority of our flood services is prevention.  We get moisture down to safe levels within a few days rather than the weeks natural evaporation takes.  That lowers water damage removal costs, and also means recovering more of your possessions.

  • Flood restoration includes fast pump out, expert attention to sanitation with advanced disinfection, mud removal, and debris clean up.
  • Water extraction with the latest equipment can remove up to twice as much liquid from carpets, walls, other building surfaces, sofas, and so on.
  • Structural dry out deploys several types of equipment to draw out every last bit of excess moisture from deep within the structure before it can do further harm.
  • Water damage removal takes care of repairs, neutralizes odors, and in extreme situations incorporates demolition and reconstruction of parts of the building



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Fire Recovery

Even ignoring the emotional trauma, recovering from a blaze involves a lot more than fire damage repairs.  More than the average flood company, we’re also ready to attend to everything so you won’t be loosing sleep coordinating work and worrying that something may have fallen between the cracks.  Here are just a few of the many items requiring specialized knowledge and attention.

  • inspecting, reinforcing, and securing the building
  • treatment and pack out services for building contents
  • flood services
  • mold abatement
  • smoke and odor removal
  • demolition, reconstruction, and repairs
  • haul away and proper disposal


Mold Remediation

Mold removal for more than a few square feet should be performed by licensed professionals (https://www.epa.gov/mold/mold-cleanup-your-home).  Even then many experts recommend bringing in an experienced inspector because the biggest part of the problem could actually be hidden above the ceiling, inside walls, or under flooring.  Our licensed and certified technicians will isolate the area to block the spread of toxins and spores, complete thorough mold removal using industry best practices, further prevent regrowth with eco-friendly mildicide, and get rid of all musty odors.