Water Damage Removal Moorpark, CA

Are you looking for a professional water damage removal company because of a flood or water damage disaster? You can count on Restoration Masters for expert water damage removal, fire damage repair(including smoke and odor removal), water damage repair, and mold remediation in Moorpark. Our professional services also include hidden leak detection, storm damage repair, and pack out services.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you can count on our full service restoration company to properly take care of everything. Our dispatchers in Moorpark are on the job 24/7 for your emergency needs.

Delayed or improper cleaning and restoration can make a difficult flood situation worse. Water quickly penetrated deeply into building materials where it starts causing harm in just one day yet can linger for weeks and weeks. Similarly smoke penetrates into porous materials and if not thoroughly removed soon enough can no longer be removed and you’re left with odors that can last for months or even years. Insurance companies require that correct mitigation steps be taken immediately, otherwise correcting later problems won’t be covered.

So you need a water damage repair company that specializes in Moorpark water damage disaster recovery, including certifications in numerous specific services.  Do-it-yourself and lesser services can double the time your home or business is exposed to further harm.

Why Choose Restoration Masters Services in Moorpark?


Restoration Masters has highly trained and experienced technicians certified in all the services you’ll need, as well expert craftsmen for repairs and reconstruction. We’re family owned and operated, a local company dedicated to our customers peace of mind. Our experience includes reliable recovery services for both homes and businesses.

Our on-call technicians will be there within an hour, anytime night or day for immediate assessment and quick mitigation, repair, and restoration.  We’ve worked closely with all major insurance companies and know exactly what we need to do for smooth claims processing. We’ll wait for their pay out, so you don’t have to pay anything to get everything started and your life back to normal as soon as possible. We promise 100% satisfaction, guaranteed.

Our Moorpark Services

We’re always on your side, by your side, as the single company to take care of any and all services you might need.  That can start with tarping and securing the building and include pack out services to keep your belongings out of harms way and provide certified cleaning and restoration. We have experts ready for the special concerns of sanitation whenever sewage is concerned, as well as a broad range of other technical specialties. Our job isn’t done until we’ve finished all clean up and haul away and your home or place of business is back to pre-loss condition.

Moorpark CA Preparedness

It’s always important to prepare your home and business for potential fires, brush fires, storms, flooding, mud slides throughout Ventura County, and Moorpark in particular.  Be sure to check your homeowners or business policy to assure that you’re covered for fire as well as both wind and flood restoration.  And keep in mind that there will be a 30-day (or longer) waiting period after payment before losses will be covered.

Southern California has more than its fair share of storms, flooding, power outages, and mudslides.  As recently as December of 2014 the Moorpark area experienced a storm with flash floods, gale-force winds at nearly hurricane speeds, and even a small tornado (http://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/southern-california-rain-storm-landfall-285583711.html ).  FEMA recently released a revised flood insurance rate map (https://moorparkca.gov/135/Revised-Flood-Insurance-Map-Information).  In addition to those that start inside buildings, brush fires are also a local hazard with the 189-acre Rustic Fire in August 2015 a recent memory.

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