Water Damage Services Beverly Hills, California

When you need water damage restoration services you need and deserve the best in recovery services for you home, its valuable contents, and your personal treasures.  We’re the Beverly Hills water damage experts with years of experience in water damage removal and water damage repairs.  Restoration Masters is ready with 24 hour emergency services 7 days of the week, 365 days of the year.  We’ll dispatch certified specialists to arrive at your doorstep within an hour of your call.

Delays and improper methods can turn a minor problem into a huge headache that takes weeks to resolve.  It’s not worth trying to manage a water incident yourself, especially with insurance commonly covering mitigation, cleaning and drying, and repairs.

Restoration masters is a single company serving Beverly Hills that can take care of all your fire and smoke, mold, flood, storm damage, and leak detection needs.  We’re a full-service contractor, from cleanup to reconstruction and final haul-away.  Known for our professionalism, quality workmanship, and superior customer care we’re fully licensed, insured, and bonded.

We guarantee your satisfaction 100%

Locally owned and operated, out water damage cleaning and restoration technicians are independently certified by the non-profit world-leader IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification, www.irc.org) as well as the CRA (Cleaning and Restoration Association, http://www.crassociation.org/).  They receive ongoing education and training plus the latest in advanced equipment to get everything back to normal as soon as possible.

We’ll work with your insurance company directly, saving you headaches and valuable time.  Our insurance specialists provide complete and timely documentation and assure that all required mitigation steps against secondary damage are being taken.

Beverly Hills Water Damage Restoration Services

Even small incidents such as a few square feet of soaked carpet can lead to far more harm than meets the eye.  In just a few minutes water penetrates into the sub-floor and begins wicking upwards into walls.  Flood damage such as mold, swelling sheet-rock, and warping wood can become major issues in as little as a single day.  Furthermore, even clean water sources lead to bacterial growth and potentially serious health hazards in the same time frame.  That’s why our water damage restoration services experts are on-call 24 hours a day for a prompt arrival in Beverly Hills.

After a couple of days, surfaces may seem dry, but there can still be pockets of moisture that remain trapped for weeks.  That’s why our emergency service begins with a certified inspector using advanced electronics to track down hidden dampness.  After their assessment, our team will create a detailed plan with checklists and drying targets for your home, including its contents.

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Water Damage Repairs

As a licensed general contractor we can handle any and all Beverly Hills water damage repairs, from replacing carpet and drywall to complete reconstruction.  There’s no need to hire a separate remodeling contractor — we’re known for our top-quality work.

Water Damage Removal

To protect our home and property our inspectors check inside walls, behind cabinetry, and locations others might not even look.  We also employ leak detection experts and arm them with IR cameras and other instruments to track down plumbing and building leaks. Restoration Masters’ water damage removal services do far more than pump-out and debris removal.  Our certified anti-microbial technicians attend to health issues from standing water that is common with flood damage removal.  They also assure that our sewage removal teams adhere to proper containment, damage clean up, and absolutely thorough disinfection.

Preventing further damage to Beverly Hills fine homes is another of our high priorities.  We do that by thoroughly drying everything before there’s time for much harm.  That begins with surface water extraction using advanced equipment that removes as much as twice the water as ordinary methods, cutting a full 1-2 days off the drying time.  We then use refrigerant dehumidifiers and powerful air movers, making frequent measurements and adjustments for the fastest structural drying possible.  Our arsenal also includes special drying mats for hardwood floors as well as directed heaters for wall cavities.


Pack Out for Building Contents

In our pack out service, we remove, treat, and store your furniture and other possessions under ideal conditions before returning them to exactly where they belong.  We’re often able to rescue appliances, electronics, documents and other items homeowners thought were lost forever.

Mold Remediation and Odor Control

Water incidents often lead to mold and bacterial growth.  Just about every species of mold releases allergens and other contaminants that harm your indoor air quality, and more types than just the infamous black mold release mycotoxins.  The health hazards of mold removal are so great that the EPA strongly recommends the use of only well-trained professionals for visible or hidden outbreaks covering 10 or more square feet.

Our mold remediation services follow OSHA and IICRC standards and guidelines along with industry best-practices every step of the way for safe, non-toxic, and thorough spore and mold removal.  We’ll also use our advanced ozone and/or hydroxyl generators to completely remove all bacteria and mold odors.  We’re a single company that can take care of the original moisture problem along with quality repairs.