Water Damage Services Buena Park, California

Have you just been through a home, business, or natural disaster in Buena Park, California?  Whether that’s a basement flood from a burst water heater, one of the area’s occasional natural floods, a kitchen fire, or “just” a backed up toilet our experts are ready.  Restoration Masters is a regional leader when it comes to flood restoration, mold remediation, structural dry out, and water damage restoration.  More than a flood company, we also offer fire damage restoration, smoke and odor removal, storm damage restoration, leak detection, and pack out services.

Despite how discouraged and overwhelmed you might feel, you need to take immediate action before damage to both the building and its contents becomes irreparable.  But there’s no need to take it all on yourself (in fact, you shouldn’t) nor continue to worry if everything’s being taken care of properly.

We’re here to take your call anytime 24/7 and dispatch certified inspectors and technicians within minutes.


Restoration Masters, The Buena Park Choice!

We’re known for our fast response, outstanding technical expertise, and superb customer care. Following industry best practices we’re licensed and insured for commercial as well as residential emergency flood damage restoration, fire damage restoration, mold removal, and water damage restoration. Our skilled crews are ready for all of your storm, fire, and flood damage repairs from painting on up to demolition and reconstruction.  For technically challenging tasks, we have well-trained and experienced experts certified by the IICRC and CRA.  And they’re in turn backed by state of the art equipment for water extraction, structural dry out, and smoke & odor removal.


Standard policies do not cover particular categories of losses, including natural disasters, without specific “riders.”  In Buena Park the greatest risk is the need for flood services.  Fortunately, if you live in a flood zone your mortgage has most likely already made sure that you have the proper coverage.  But virtually no policy will cover losses that were preventable by either proper maintenance or by taking immediate action, typically within a 24-48 hour window.  That’s why bringing in a professional right away is so important.

Having a working relationship with the leading insurance companies for Buena Park, we know exactly what preventive steps they require, and when they must be completed.  We also know all the information and details they expect to see in claims paperwork.  Whoever your insurer is, we’ll work with them directly for a headache and worry-free claims process.  We’ll also bill them directly so that you won’t be left waiting for their reimbursement of up-front payments.

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Buena Park Flood Restoration

As a leading flood company, we provide the best in highly professional flood services that go way beyond basement flood pump out and debris cleanup.  Our sanitation specialists are ready for the extensive disinfection and special handling requirements of sewage cleanup.  After 24 hours even “clean” water is likely to foster diseases that can become airborne, so we’ll always be looking after health issues.  And our flood services extend into rapid dry out to remove all excess moisture before it has time to cause additional destruction.

Water Damage Restoration

As a water damage contractor our first responsibility is to prevent further deterioration.  Beyond immediate standing water removal, our powerful water extraction equipment removes up to twice as much liquid from soaked carpets, walls, and other building surfaces.  Next comes structural dry out.  To complete that in mere days rather than the weeks natural evaporation can take, we combine high-volume fans, specialized heaters, and refrigerant dehumidifiers.  We’ll pull out every last bit of excess moisture, even that deep within the building’s structure.  Our water damage removal and flood services both take care of your furniture and possessions as well as the building itself with certified technicians in cleaning and restoration.


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Fire Damage Restoration

Our fire restoration services run the gamut, from securing the building and taking care of debris clean up all the way to demolition and reconstruction of one or more rooms. Our experts will also take care of the building’s contents.  We can treat furniture and other property on-site or include pack out services to get them out of the wet and contaminated environment. Immediate and thorough smoke and odor removal is particularly important in order prevent them from penetrating so deeply that removal becomes impossible, leading to losses and repairs that could have been avoided.  Our dry-ice blasting gear is ideal for removing smoke, soot, and odors from building surfaces.

In addition to specialized cleansers, our ozone generators can safely neutralize odors regardless of their cause and wherever they might be hiding in the building, carpet, drapes, furniture, and other contents.

Smoke & Odor Removal

Besides water damage restoration due to firefighting, smoke and odor removal must take place as soon as possible. Traveling just about anywhere and everywhere, smoke contains hundreds of corrosive, toxic, and odor-causing compounds. Without prompt treatment specific to the type of smoke and the surface it’s settled on, those compounds quickly penetrate so deeply that their removal is no longer possible.

Expert Mold Removal & Remediation

If immediate drying isn’t possible, you may well need mold remediation.  Or you may have had a problem with a hidden plumbing leak or poor ventilation in a bath or kitchen.  Our licensed mold removal experts follow all standards and guidelines to keep everyone safe and guard against regrowth.  After identifying and locating the problem, they’ll start with special measures to guard against the spread of toxins, allergens, and spores.  As with our other services, work can include expert repairs and thorough odor neutralization.

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