Water Damage Services Chino, California

Dealing with flood damage at your Chino CA home or business?  Whether a burst washing machine hose or a winter storm, anytime water soaks more than a small part of a single room you need professional water damage restoration services.  Taking prompt action the first day is critical in pre-empting major water damage repairs from crumbling drywall, warped wood, mold, and more.  Our Chino water damage removal teams are ready for 24 hour emergency services every day of the year.  They can arrive within an hour for a free estimate to relieve your worries and rescue your property.

Our services for Chino homes and businesses also include crawl space cleaning and drying as well as flooded basement dry out.  We frequently monitor moisture levels to make adjustments for the fastest drying and to know for sure that the structure is down to safe levels before we finish.

Remember, it doesn’t take a major deluge to lead to water damage repairs.  Expert cleaning and drying can make a world of difference in keeping a minor incident such as a bathtub overflow from becoming a major mold or wood-damage incident.

Water Damage Restoration

Serious secondary damage can begin in as little as 24 to 48 hours and can continue for weeks as natural evaporation removes deeply trapped moisture, even in Chino’s hottest weather.  Too often homeowners and business owners think they’ve taken care of the situation only to later discover mold and serious damage within walls and underneath flooring.

Our certified Chino water damage removal experts apply their training and experience together with the latest in advanced equipment to cut drying time down to just a few days.

Their work begins with a thorough inspection and moisture measurements along with documenting water sources and resulting damage.  As part of the estimation process, they’ll create a detailed action plan containing any or all of the following water damage restoration services.

  • Securing the building and quickly pumping out any standing water.
  • Containing and isolating a sewage backup followed by meticulous disinfection.
  • Debris cleanup and other flood damage removal.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Mold remediation.
  • Surface water extraction, removing as much as twice the water as our competitors.
  • Deep structural drying using refrigerant dehumidifiers and air movers.  Our localized heaters and pressurized air often avoid the need to remove and replace drywall.
  • Using specialized drying mats to rescue hardwood floors.
  • Repairs and reconstruction.
  • Permanent odor removal.


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Leak Detection

Sometimes the source of dampness isn’t clear.  It might be a slow leak, or a major gusher that travels quite a way before becoming visible.  Our specialists combine years of experience with the latest in electronic leak detection to non-destructively pinpoint the location.  That includes tricky slab leaks underneath the concrete floor slab foundations common in Chino.

Mold Remediation in Chino

Besides damaging paint, wallpaper, and porous building materials mold poses a variety of health issues ranging from minor allergies to major organ damage.  When disturbed (such as during mold removal) those allergens and mycotoxins as well as spores (its virtually invisible “seeds”) spread far and wide.  It thrives without light, so if you’re noticing musty odors or perhaps ongoing allergy- or flu-like symptoms you may have a serious hidden mold problem.

Our certified mold remediation specialists set up all the recommended isolation measures before beginning mold removal.  They may also decontaminate adjacent areas, including air ducts, and apply eco-friendly anti-fungal treatments.  Our crews can also replace damaged drywall and other materials.  And our hydroxyl and ozone generators permanently neutralize those odors.

Restoration Masters

An independent damage restoration company we’re locally owned and operated, and fully licensed & insured.  We’re a full-service contractor ready for everything from clean up to reconstruction, carpet cleaning to advanced drying.  With technicians certified by the CRC and IICRC, we’re a single company that can take care of it all.

We’ll work with your insurance company and their Chino-area adjusters to make sure that all their mitigation and documentation requirements are met, and help you with claims processing paperwork from emergency estimate to final payment.  We’ll bill your insurance company directly, so there are no up-front payments needed from you.

We guarantee our work and your satisfaction 100%.