Water Damage Services Fontana, California

A water damage disaster leaves your life turned upside down and can bring a business to a screeching halt. The first 24-48 hours are a “golden window” to prevent further harm and recover as much as possible, so you need immediate professional water damage removal and repair services. Call Restoration Masters to reach a live operator 24/7  who can dispatch on-call certified experts in Fontana to arrive within the hour. Our specialized services include:  fire damage restoration, storm damage repair, flood damage restoration, water damage restoration, smoke and odor removal, mold remediation, and leak detection.

Restoration Masters is a full-service repair and restoration company, fully licensed and insured for work in Fontana CA. We’re independently owned and operated and back our highly-trained and certified staff with the latest state of the art equipment. We’ll bill your insurance directly, and our years of experience have taught us exactly what’s needed in detailed documentation and mitigation for swift and smooth claims processing.

Our Restoration Services

Whether you’re facing storm damage repair, flooding, fire, or mold we know it’s a troubling time for you, so we provide all the specialized services you might require and coordinate everything. From tarping to final cleanup and haul away, we’ll get your property restored to pre-loss condition and you life back to normal as soon as possible. As needed, our pack out services can move furniture and other personal property out of harms way, then treat and store it under secure conditions.

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Water Damage Repair

In just a matter of minutes water can soak in deeply to where carpet cleaners and shop-vacs can’t reach it. The resulting excess moisture frequently leads to a major mold problem in as little as a day along with progressive destruction to wood, drywall and so on. With a soaked floor, liquid will actually wick a foot or more up inside walls!  Without professional water damage restoration all that moisture lingers for weeks.

We begin with special-purpose vacuum water extraction gear to immediately remove up to twice as much water as other methods. Our refrigerant dehumidifiers and other equipment then pull out all remaining dampness within a couple of days. Our technicians use the latest electronic test gear to locate key problem spots, make sure that structural dry out is proceeding rapidly, and to tell when the drying process can be safely stopped. Along the way we’ll clean, sanitize, and deodorize as needed. Finally, we’ll complete water damage repairs.


Flood Damage Restoration

Fontana has its share of heavy rains, but a home or business can also be flooded by a ruptured appliance hose, a broken pipe, or a burst water heater.  You may also suffer from a sewage backup or fire sprinkler malfunctions.  Our flood restoration work begins with a thorough assessment and rapid pump-out.  Needless to say any flood damage removal involving sewage requires extensive worker protection and sanitation efforts.  But any source of water must be treated as a bio-hazard after 24 hours.

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Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damage restoration requires far more than ordinary house cleaning and general contractor services.  Proper treatments to avoid further problems are in fact highly technical and require specialized equipment. Proper fire damage repair starts with an expert assessment, emergency board up and demolition for safety, and immediate mitigation against further harm. Besides the water and dry chemicals used in firefighting, various types of fires produce various types of smoke, soot, and ash. They all contain hundreds of toxic and corrosive compounds.

So prompt smoke and odor removal as well as water damage restoration are also necessary for the building as well as for its contents. We’ll take the time to discuss replacement versus restoration costs, and check with you regarding sentimental value for the best decisions as to what to treat and what to discard.  Finally, we’ll perform building fire damage repairs, restoration, and reconstruction and

Smoke and Odor Removal

Our technicians are well-trained in smoke and odor removal for furniture, carpet, draperies, and so on as well as for the building itself. Time is of the essence, as odor-causing compounds can soon penetrate so deeply that they can no longer be removed. For walls and other surfaces we’ll apply any of a number of methods, including repainting.  For furniture and other belongings we can take care of surface cleaning, deep cleaning, or dry cleaning.  We can even recover many home electronic items. In all cases it’s a careful balance of selecting the best cleanser, cleaning method, temperatures, and treatment times. Restoration Masters also offers ozone and other treatments to neutralize odors trapped just about anywhere within the building.

Fontana Floods and Fires

For natural disasters such as brush fires, flooding, and major storms Fontana California residents can call United Way 2-1-1 for current information and assistance.  Simply dial 211 or (888) 435-7565.  That keeps 911 lines open for every-minute-counts police, fire, and ambulance emergencies.

Fontana Best Mold Removal & Remediation

Mold isn’t just a health hazard, it actually damages porous building materials, furnishings, and other belongings.  And you could have a problem that’s much worse than you think as mold can grow completely hidden behind walls and under flooring.  You need physical mold removal, not just killing it with bleach or the like.  With that you’d still be left with allergens and toxins, and quite likely a big problem still beneath the surface.

Mold removal requires extensive and critical preparation regardless of the size of the affected area.  Our mold remediation follows EPA and IICRC S520 guidelines for absolutely safe and thorough mold removal to prevent regrowth.  We even check the HVAC system and if necessary complete air duct cleaning.  As an added precaution we include treatment with green EPA-approved anti-microbial applications and can provide odor removal.