Water Damage Services La Habra, California

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by a home or business building disaster in La Habra California, there’s no need to stress out over getting everything returned to the way it was before. Our company is the area’s leading water damage contractor for residential and commercial buildings, delivering the best in flood services (including structural dry out and mold remediation), storm damage repairs, and fire damage restoration.  We’re fully licensed and insured, with experts in numerous specialties.

Do you “merely” have a problem from a leaky pipe, burst water heater, toilet or sink backup, or bathtub over flow?  Our prompt and professional teams are ready for that too.

Family owned and operated, our fast response teams are ready 24/7.  So call us anytime and we’ll be at your La Habra door within an hour with certified inspectors and technicians.  They’re backed by skilled and experienced repair and construction crews, state-of-the art equipment, and our helpful and caring staff.

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La Habra Water Damage Removal

It doesn’t take a basement flood for you to need expert water damage restoration.  If only part of a room is affected and there is little or no wet carpet, immediate mopping, blotting, and use of a wet-vac are probably enough.  With anything more than that you need an experienced water damage contractor with all the right equipment.  Liquid quickly saturates carpet, makes its way through every crack and opening, and soaks deeply into building materials. It can even wick up inside walls by a foot or more.  In as little as a day that excess moisture causes wood (including flooring, baseboards, and building framing) to start swelling, warping and cracking.  Drywall and plaster quickly disintegrate, and a major mold problem could be hiding inside the structure in as little as 24 hours.

Flood Services

Beyond fast water removal, flood restoration adds the need for diligent sanitation and disinfection.  That should be pretty obvious when it comes to a sewer backup or an overflowing toilet, but after touching the ground all water becomes filled with bacteria and viruses after some 24 hours.  That’s one reason why you need a professional flood company, not an ordinary cleaning company.  Flood damage restoration also calls for experts in structural dry out and water damage removal to head off further deterioration and added flood damage repair costs.

After standing water removal, our flood services teams use extra-powerful water extraction equipment followed by fast structural dry out using refrigerant dehumidifiers, specialized heaters, and high-volume air movers.  With frequent monitoring and adjustments we’ll get even deep down moisture down to safe levels in a few days rather than weeks.  Whether you’ve experienced a basement flood, a hidden plumbing leak, or just an overly humid bathroom our licensed mold remediation team follows guidelines and standards to the letter to provide safe and thorough removal while mitigating against regrowth.

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La Habra Fire Damage Restoration

After even a relatively small fire there more time-critical tasks than a homeowner or business owner can complete before further harm sets in.  Smoke and soot contain hundreds of different chemical compounds that are toxic (calling for worker protection and proper disposal), corrosive, and odor-causing.  And smoke can reach into the most unexpected of places.  Besides the building itself countless possessions need to be cleaned with the right selection of methods and cleansers.  Thorough smoke and odor must be completed promptly, otherwise those compounds penetrate to a depth where even the best practices can no longer reach them.

To complete our fire restoration services, we have dry-ice blasting equipment for char, smoke and removal.  And our ozone generators take care of safely neutralizing odors hiding anywhere, whether from smoke and soot, mold, sewage, or bacteria.  Our construction crews are ready for all your repair needs, whether that’s storm damage repair of roofing shingles or demolition and reconstruction of entire rooms after a major blaze.  We’ll take care of all debris cleanup and haul away as well.

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Mold Removal & Remediation

In addition to particular species of black mold, other species of varying colors produce toxins with very serious health consequences after even brief exposure.  To make matters worse it spreads through microscopic-sized spores that float freely in the air.  And, ironically, those spores are released just as the existing fungus in dieing. The EPA strongly discourages anyone from performing mold removal themselves except for very small areas, and then only with special precautions.


Why Choose Restoration Masters Restoration Services?

We have the experience, expertise, and equipment for complete flood restoration, water damage restoration, and fire damage restoration.  As a leading flood company serving La Habra, we have what it takes.  In addition to our experienced and skilled crews, our restoration specialists are certified by the IICRC and CRA

We understand that you’re experiencing a difficult time so our goal is your complete satisfaction.  In fact, we guarantee it.  We’ll relieve you of the time and stress of restoring the building and its contents.  You’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that everything is being taken care of properly and that your life will soon be back to normal.

We’ll also work directly with your insurance company to relieve you of the headaches of dealing with claims paperwork.  And we’ll bill them directly so that you won’t be making payment upfront and then worry about when they will reimburse you.  Having established working relationships with all the leading insurers and many of their La Habra adjusters we know exactly what’s needed for a smooth and swift claims process.

All insurance companies accepted!

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