Water Damage Services La Mirada, California

Overwhelmed by a flood or mold disaster?  Or just worried about a water leak?  We put La Mirada homeowner’s and business owner’s concerns to rest with professional water damage restoration services — from leak detection to water damage repairs.  We’re the only company you need to call.

Our La Mirada water damage teams can be at your doorstep within an hour, any time, every day of the year.  That 24-hour emergency service is important because a great deal of additional destruction can be avoided by taking action in the first 1 to 2 days.  And it gets everything back to normal as soon as possible.

Insurance Claims

Insurance companies make an important and sometimes rather “technical” distinction between what water damage restoration is covered under basic policies.  In brief, if the source was a plumbing or appliance failure (and in some situations a roof leak) then mitigation and water damage repairs should be covered.  Not so if it originated from rising waters outside your property — that requires a special flood policy or “rider.”

We accept all insurance companies.  Our staff has years of experience working with carriers and their adjusters covering La Mirada.  We’ll help you make it through the paperwork maze and make sure we meet their mitigation and documentation requirements for a smooth claims process.  We’ll also bill them directly to take some of the pressure off of you.

Water Damage Restoration Services

The first 24 hours are the most critical in getting everything clean and dry so that secondary water damage repairs are kept to a minimum.  For more than a small area of a single room, it takes professional water damage restoration services to get everything safely dry quickly enough.  Otherwise, deeply-trapped moisture soon leads to a significant destruction of wood, sheetrock, and other building materials.  That can progress (often hidden) for weeks just about anywhere, including La Mirada CA.

Flood Damage Removal

In La Mirada, the need for water damage removal is most often a plumbing or appliance failure, not an inundation from a winter storm.  Any incident that soaks flooring may well involve more than meets the eye.  Water quickly penetrates, spreads, and even wicks upwards inside walls.  Bacteria and mold can become big headaches in as little as 24-48 hours.  When an entire room (or several rooms) are affected it takes special flood damage removal equipment and extensive training to assure drying that’s thorough enough and fast enough to head off major headaches.

Natural flooding often involves a pump-out and requires extra attention to cleaning and disinfection.  With anti-microbial technicians, we’re even qualified to deal with sewage removal.  After that, and for smaller incidents, our advanced water extraction equipment removes as much as twice as much water as our competitors, and that knocks 1-2 days off the total drying.  We follow that up with commercial-grade dehumidifiers and high-volume fans.  We monitor material moisture levels as well as indoor humidity and make adjustments to speed things up until even moisture trapped deep inside the structure is down to safe levels in a matter of days.

Our repair crews can do a lot more than debris removal and carpet cleaning.  They can replace sheetrock and acoustic ceilings, and even handle tear-outs and full reconstruction.

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Pack Outs

Our expertise includes rescuing and repairing furniture, appliances, and other building contents.  With a major water intrusion it’s best to get your possessions out of the damp environment.  Our pack out service specialists carefully prepare and transport recoverable items to our facility near La Mirada.  They’re dried and cleaned under conditions, then securely stored until you’re ready for us to return them.  Each item is tracked, and you as well as your insurer will receive a detailed inventory.

Leak Detection

Don’t neglect a leak or any suspicions that you might have a leak.  Whether from plumbing or the building itself, just a few drops a minute are enough to eventually lead to mold and other damage.  Our leak detection experts don’t just test to see if there is indeed a leak.  They also use the latest in electronic instruments to find its exact location.

Mold Remediation and Odor Removal

Whether a result of flooding or just poor ventilation in a bath, mold poses health risks that range from mild allergies to permanent organ damage from exposure to mycotoxins.  It feeds on and destroys porous building materials, and an outbreak can be largely or completely hidden under flooring or within walls.

The EPA recommends professional mold remediation for problems covering more than 10 square feet (3-4 feet across).  Due to the health hazards and the ease with which mold spores spread, such mold removal is highly regulated.  Our certified technicians follow best-practice recommendation as well as standards & regulations to the letter.  As appropriate we’ll apply eco-friendly mildicide and thoroughly clean ductwork and adjacent areas.

We’re a single company that can responsibly take care of everything from cleanup to hauling away contaminated materials.  That includes damage restoration repairs, all the way up to tear outs and reconstruction.

Whether from mold or bacteria, we’ll also take care of odor control.  For permanent removal, our ozone and hydroxyl generators safely and thoroughly neutralize odor compounds, even those hiding deep inside building cavities and within the structure itself.