Water Damage Services Long Beach, California

After any fire or water incident your Long Beach home or business needs immediate professional attention.  Without it smoke and water damage repair costs quickly grow due to progressive secondary damage, starting the very first day.  Our certified smoke removal and water damage restoration technicians are ready to roll 24/7 to rescue your Long Beach property.  In addition to flood damage and fire damage repair, we’re experts in sewage extraction and mold remediation.

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Locally owned and operated, out water damage cleaning and restoration technicians are independently certified by the non-profit world-leader IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification, www.irc.org) as well as the CRA (Cleaning and Restoration Association, http://www.crassociation.org/).  They receive ongoing education and training plus the latest in advanced equipment to get everything back to normal as soon as possible.

We’ll work with your insurance company directly, saving you headaches and valuable time.  Our insurance specialists provide complete and timely documentation and assure that all required mitigation steps against secondary damage are being taken.

Water Damage Restoration

Time is critical in keeping water damage repairs to a minimum.  Even modest amounts of water making its way through tiny cracks and soak deeply into the building.  Starting the very first day it lets mold grow, destroys drywall, and causes wood to warp and split.  And that can go on for weeks even during Long Beach summers.

Our major flood damage restoration begins with fast pump-out and debris removal followed by thorough cleaning and disinfection.  But even small incidents (such as a tub overflow or ruptured washer hose) can soak a large enough area to call for water damage restoration.

After any standing water removal, we use special equipment to extract water from floors, walls, and ceilings followed by structural drying to keep further harm to a minimum.  Our vortex drying system combines humidity evacuators and commercial dehumidifiers to pull out even deeply trapped moisture in a matter of a few days.  Our flood cleanup and water restoration services also include odor control, repairs, and reconstruction.  Our pack out services dry, clean, and store your personal property as well.

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Sewage Extraction

During sewage removal, our applied anti-microbial remediation technicians keep everyone safe and assure that when we’re finished your home or business is hygienic and odor-free.  Sewage clean up begins with containment and isolation against the airborne spread of disease, followed by sewage extraction and proper disposal following Long Beach regulations.  Following IICRC standards and guidelines our cleaning and decontamination are absolutely thorough.  All materials that came in contact will be sterilized, encapsulated, or replaced.

Certified Mold Remediation in Long Beach

Whether black mold or some other species, letting growth go unchecked exposes you to health hazards and building mold damage.  Since mold doesn’t need light, the biggest part of your problem can remain completely hidden from sight.  We’re an IAQ Certified mold remediation company following EPA and OSHA requirements to the letter.

Our mold remediation begins with a detailed inspection, including testing at your request.  If that reveals a problem we properly isolate and ventilate the affected area before proceeding with mold removal through wipe down, HEPA vacuuming, and/or cryo-cleaning.  We follow that up with further cleaning, anti-fungal treatments, and deodorization.

Smoke and Fire Damage

Whether after a devastating blaze or a kitchen flare-up, professional smoke and fire damage restoration reduces your losses and avoids those long-lingering smoke odors.

Our fire damage repairs begin with a detailed assessment along with any necessary reinforcement, board-ups, and tarp-overs to keep everything and everyone safe.  Emergency cleaning and smoke removal prevent further harm from smoke and soot’s harmful toxic, corrosive, and odorous compounds.  Our dry-ice blasters quickly remove char, soot, and smoke.  Our thermal foggers and ozone generators then go to work permanently neutralizing all odors wherever they may be hiding.  We’ll also handle repairs, and where necessary demolition and reconstruction.

Our pack out services take care of your furniture and other possessions with professional transport to our facility near Long Beach for drying, cleaning, and deodorizing.  We’ll then provide secure storage until you’re ready for us to return them.  You and your insurance company will have complete documentation of everything.