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When you’re facing a home disaster in Los Alamitos, California you want the best in flood services to get the job done right and your life back to normal as quickly as possible. We’re a local flood company, ready to handle everything from tub overflow water removal to major water damage restoration for a basement flood. We have technicians that are IICRC , RIA and CRA trained specialists in water damage restoration, fire damage removal, smoke and odor removal, flood damage repairs and mold remediation. We’re ready 24/7 for a prompt dispatch within minutes for arrival in Los Alamitos within the hour.

When it comes to flood services every hour counts. Water seeps through every little opening and quickly penetrates deeply into building materials. There it can remain for weeks if left to dry out by itself. That can lead to the need for mold removal in as little as 24 hours, with progressive damage such as splitting and warping wood along with crumbling interior wallboards (sheetrock) already underway. Similarly, toxic smoke compounds soon penetrate so deeply that they can no longer be removed at all. It takes a combination of experience, special training, and specialized equipment to prevent all that.

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A family owned and operated flood company, we’re a regional leader with years of residential and commercial experience. That includes working closely with all the leading insurance companies covering the Los Alamitos area so we know exactly what they demand in detailed documentation and the mitigation steps they require for secondary damage to remain eligible.

We’ll work directly with whoever your insurer happens to be in order to save you the paperwork headaches, and we’ll bill them directly so you won’t need to make advance payments.
Our skilled construction crews are teamed with well-trained and knowledgeable flood restoration, water damage removal, mold remediation, and fire damage repairs. Fully licensed and insured, as a water damage specialist and a general contractor we have a complete inventory of specialized equipment for water extraction and structural dry out as well as for smoke and odor removal. We care about our clients and the environment so we use non-toxic sanitizing and odor control products and our haul-aways always dispose of hazardous materials properly.

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Fast Response Water Damage Removal

Whether a basement flood or toilet overflow, water removal by a professional flood company turns those weeks of natural evaporation into just a few days.  And for flood restoration sanitation is paramount as even “clean” water becomes a bio-hazard after 24 hours.  To prevent further deterioration, water damage restoration must begin as soon as possible with rapid water extraction using our advanced equipment.  A whole set of our specialized equipment then pulls out even deep-down moisture throughout the building for a complete structural dry out.  Finally, our skilled crews can take care of all flood damage repairs for your Los Alamitos home or business.

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Mold Removal

Mold remediation also requires extensive worker protection and carefully following checklists due to molds often highly-toxic nature and the ease with which it spreads.  Mold removal should only be performed by licensed professionals such as our certified technicians.  After careful inspection to identify the source they follow industry best practices for restoration.  To help protect against regrowth they will apply an eco-friendly mildicide and with your approval clean duct-work and HVAC equipment.  Finally our crews will take care of any need repairs, and remove those musty odors hiding in the carpet and elsewhere.



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