Water Damage Services Placentia, California

Need water damage restoration services for your Placentia CA home or business?  You do have control over secondary damage, but only if water damage removal work begins within 24 hours.  Otherwise by the time the structure is properly dry dampness will have led to unnecessary water damage repairs.  That’s why we provide 24 hour emergency services for the Placentia area.  Call anytime for an immediate dispatch and free estimate.

Choose Restoration Masters

We’re the Placentia water damage experts with a full line of services — the only company you’ll need.  Locally owned and operated we’re bonded and fully licensed & insured.  Our water damage services are provided by cleaning and restoration technicians who have been independently certified by CRA and IICRC.  They’re up to date on industry best practices and have the latest equipment and technologies.  And our repair crews are known for their quality workmanship.

We’ll work with your insurance company directly, saving you the trouble and making sure that all mitigation and documentation requirements are met.  And you’ll have our 100% satisfaction guarantee

Our Placentia Water Damage Restoration Services

Need water or flood damage removal after a Placentia winter storm?  We’re the area’s experts with all the right equipment.

Just had a plumbing problem?  If more than a small area was soaked you need professional water damage restoration services.  That’s because water quickly soaks in deeply, where it otherwise remains trapped for weeks within the structure itself.  All that time it’s letting mold and bacteria thrive, damaging wood, destroying drywall, and more — often in places you can’t even see.

Our water damage removal team begins with a careful inspection (including checking places many people don’t even think to look) with detailed documentation of our findings for you and your insurer.  Our superior equipment and procedures then get everything clean and dry, often twice as fast as others.  Our Placentia water damage services can include any of the following.

  • cleaning and disinfection
  • surface water extraction
  • deep structural drying using refrigerant dehumidifiers and high-volume fans
  • permanent odor removal
  • carpet cleaning or replacement
  • water damage repairs

Sewage and Flooding

Sewage backup clearly present a major health hazard.  But many people don’t know that any water that’s been in contact with the ground or standing for more than 24 hours is an equally dangerous risk.  And those disease organisms easily become airborne.

So before any flooding or sewage removal, our anti-microbial specialists set up containment and isolation.  Our technicians then perform meticulous cleaning, disinfecting, and odor removal.  It’s sometimes necessary for us to remove and replace contaminated porous materials that can’t be sterilized.

Water Damage Emergency In Placentia? Call (877) 246-2951

Mold Remediation

Many people are allergic to mold, and that can lead to respiratory problems.  Additionally, some species (not just black mold) release dangerous levels of toxins that can lead to hospitalization.  Add the strong possibility that growth is causing building damage where you can’t even see it and it’s clear that you shouldn’t let things get out of control.  Especially considering that most Placentia & SoCal insurance policies specifically exclude mold removal and repairs.

Our certified technicians have the best in training and equipment for thorough mold and spore removal without spreading contamination.  Our mold remediation services can include further decontamination and eco-friendly treatments to minimize the chances of regrowth.  But most importantly we’ll find the source of moisture that caused the problem in the first place.  We can permanently remove all odors, and our damage restoration crews can complete repairs, including drywall patching or replacement.

Pack Out Services

Our teams also rescue furniture and other building contents.  Getting possessions out of a damp environment helps us dry the building faster, but more importantly, it lets us clean and dry them under controlled conditions.  Our pack out services quickly and carefully move items to our facility not far from Placentia for professional treatment and secure storage.  You’ll have a detailed inventory listing covering each item until we’ve returned everything back to your home or business right where it belongs.