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Are looking for an experienced Santa Fe Springs, California flood company? It doesn’t take a full basement flood to require immediate action by an expert water damage contractor. You need complete water extraction and structural dry out for anything that soaks more than a small part of a single room. Ignore it and you may soon be needing mold remediation and expensive water damage restoration repairs. With Restoration Masters you can reach a live operator 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. They will dispatch the right technicians and crew within minutes. We have IICRC , RIA and CRA certified specialists in water damage removal, fire damage repairs, smoke and odor removal, structural dry-out and mold remediation. As a full-service flood company our work goes well beyond pump out, mud, debris, and sewage cleanup. Sanitation is vital even if sewage wasn’t involved, as after about a day any wetness will be teeming with disease-causing microorganisms.

Santa Fe Springs Emergency Tips

  • With any kind of disaster, notify your insurance company of the loss and bring in a professional water damage contractor as soon as possible.
  • Water extraction and building dry-out needs to start immediately and proceed as quickly as possible to avoid further destruction.
  • That immediate mitigation is almost certainly required for any insurance policy to cover later losses.

Why Choose Restoration Masters in Santa Fe Springs?

We’ve built our reputation as the area’s outstanding flood company based on technical expertise, the latest equipment, and superb customer service. Our company is a fully insured and licensed residential and commercial general contractor, with experienced and skillful crews. And they’ll have the latest in state-of-the-art cleaning and other recovery equipment to take care of your furniture and possessions along with your home or business’ building.

We know that a building disaster can be traumatic, so we work hard to make everything go smoothly and get your life back to normal as soon as possible. We’ll work directly with your insurance company for a headache-free claims process. And our staff will bill your insurer directly, so there’s isn’t any up front payment for you. Having worked with leading Santa Fe Springs insurance companies for years we know exactly what preventive steps must be taken, along with the countless details that matter in filing a claim.

So whether you’ve had a major blaze, a basement flood, a sewer backup, or just leaky plumbing we’re Santa Fe Spring’s local choice.

All insurance companies accepted!

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Water Damage Removal

All water and even excess moisture must be removed as soon as possible.  In as little as 24 hours you could have a major mold outbreak, and you could soon be experiencing further destruction such as disintegrating sheet rock and warping flooring, baseboards, and even structural framing.  Liquids quickly penetrate deeply into any and all porous building materials and creeps up the insides of walls.  Without expert services it can linger and cause progressive harm for weeks.  But an expert water damage contractor can cut those weeks down to a few days.  And our specialized equipment, including powerful water extraction gear and a suite of structural dry out equipment, can shave off another couple of days off the time it takes to get everything down to safe moisture levels.  Our water damage restoration services can also include any necessary repairs.


Mold Removal / Remediation

We follow all EPA standards and guidelines along with all local regulations and permitting. As a water damage contractor, our certified technicians do their best to prevent mold and other further harm but that’s not always possible.  And we’re often called upon to provide mold remediation after hidden plumbing leaks or poor ventilation have led to a growing problem. So we also employ licensed mold removal specialists. They’ll carefully follow every precaution and step on our detailed checklists to keep everyone safe and protect against spread and regrowth.


Fire Damage Restoration

We’re more than just a flood company.  Our crews are experienced in all that it takes to secure the building and skillfully complete all repairs and reconstruction.  As needed we’ll bring in our water damage removal and mold removal experts to deal with the aftermath of putting out the blaze.  We’ll always bring in our smoke and odor removal specialists right away.  Delays and anything less than complete cleaning lets smoke and soot’s many odor-causing, corrosive, and toxic compounds to become permanently embedded in the building and its contents.  In addition to using specialized cleansers, the latest in equipment aids us in removing char, soot, and smoke and then completely neutralize all odors.

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