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Are you facing a disturbing and perhaps overwhelming scene such as flooding or the aftermath of a fire? You need immediate expert restoration services, assuring that further destruction is prevented and putting those countless worries to rest. In Santa Paula, California Restoration Masters is the leading fire and flood company. We have IICRC , RIA and CRA certified specialists in water damage restoration, fire damage removal, smoke and odor removal, flood damage repairs, mold remediation, and more. They’re backed up by the latest in specialized flood damage removal, water extraction, structural dry out, mold removal, smoke and char removal, and odor removal equipment. With 24/7 emergency dispatch we provide swift action to minimize health hazards and repair costs. You’ll be able to keep more of your possessions and your home or business location will be back to pre-loss condition all the sooner.

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Family owned and operated, we’re fully licensed and insured. We’re well aware that you’re going through a difficult time, so in addition to technical excellence we focus on providing the best in customer service. Having worked with all major insurance companies in the Santa Paula area we know exactly what’s needed in preventive services and detailed documentation for a smooth flood damage restoration claims process. We’ll work directly with your insurer, and we’ll bill them directly so that you don’t need to make an up-front payment. Our certified technicians and craftsmen will work diligently to get your building and belongings back to pre-loss condition and your life back to normal as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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Complete Water Damage Services in Santa Paula, California

Needless to say flood restoration begins with water removal. But even without any sewage or mud issues, that must be accomplished with close attention to sanitation and careful disinfection. Even tap water will be teaming with bacteria, fungi, and viruses after about a day. So let our experts keep everyone safe and healthy. Next, it’s critical to remove every last bit of dampness as quickly as possible. After soaking in deeply excess moisture causes progressive deterioration, such as drywall disintegrating and wood swelling, cracking, and warping. That can become serious after just a few days, and mold can get going in as little as 24 hours. Surfaces may feel dry, yet deep-down moisture can take weeks to evaporate with only simple ventilation.
So our Santa Paula water damage restoration services typically go through the following stages.

  • Water Extraction The latest equipment can remove twice as much water, cutting several days off the remaining professional dry out time.
  • Structural Dry Out High-tech refrigerant dehumidifiers combined with high-volume air movers and specialized heaters pull out every last bit of excess moisture in a fraction of the time of lesser methods.
  • Disinfection and Deodorization If we’re able to access the building and its contents soon enough we should be able to avert the need for mold removal.
  • Water Damage RepairFinally, our experienced crews are ready to take care of any water damage removal repairs or reconstruction you might need as part of flood damage removal.

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Professional Fire Damage Restoration

Few things are more traumatic than a home fire. In addition to demolition and fire damage repair for direct destruction, you will most likely need water damage restoration as a result of the firefighting efforts. Additionally, smoke and odor removal must be taken very seriously and are in fact technically very challenging. Each blaze creates thousands of different chemicals, with the mix depending on the type of fire. The resulting smoke and soot will contain hundreds of toxic and corrosive chemicals as well as numerous odor-causing compounds. Removal must not only be thorough, it has to happen before those compounds sink in too deeply. If that happens you’ll can be stuck with lingering building odors and have to discard belongings you could otherwise have kept.

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