Water Damage Services Fullerton, California

Dealing with water damage in Fullerton CA?  Then you’re at risk of even more damage.  After surface water is gone there’s likely more trapped deeply beneath flooring, and possibly dampness working its way upwards inside walls.

Harmful levels of moisture can linger for weeks, even a month or more.  Keeping water damage repairs to a minimum requires absolutely thorough deep-down drying as quickly as possible.

That’s exactly what our Fullerton water damage restoration services do.  With our 24-hour emergency services you’ll always reach a live person who can immediately dispatch a certified water damage removal team for a free estimate.

Restoration Masters

We’re a full-service water damage restoration company serving Fullerton CA and other SoCal locations.  We’re ready 24 hours a day.  Locally owned and operated, Restoration Masters is fully licensed & insured.

Far more than a general contractor for Fullerton water damage repairs, we employ cleaning and restoration technicians specializing in water damage removal independently certified by the industry leaders IICRC and CRA.  As a single contractor for all your needs, there’s no coordination headaches for you, no finger-pointing, and nothing overlooked.  We guarantee work and your satisfaction 100%.

Our staff will work with your insurance company directly, saving you the hassle of being a paper-work go-between.  We’re familiar with many Fullerton area adjusters, and how to usher things along for faster and smoother claims processing.  We’ll also bill your insurer directly, so there’s no stress of coming up with an up-front payment on short notice.

Water Damage Restoration Services

Our water damage restoration services begin with a detailed inspection and damage inventory along with careful planning.  Our training, experience, and water damage removal equipment make all the difference.  Our advanced water extraction gear alone removes up to twice as much surface water, typically shortening drying time by 1-2 days compared to the competition.  We also have directed heaters for problem areas and drying mats to rescue hardwood flooring.  We deploy commercial-grade dehumidifiers and air moves to pull out trapped moisture for full structural drying.  All along our technicians will be attending to cleaning and sanitize.  Our Fullerton water damage restoration services can also include mold and odor removal along with water damage repairs.

Flood Damage

Major flooding brings immediate destruction.  Our team will take care of pump-out and flood damage removal.  Water that’s been in contact with soil or standing more than 24 hours must be treated as a biohazard.  So our damage cleaning includes careful disinfection, including all the little nooks and crannies.  As necessary we can replace carpet, drywall, and acoustic ceilings.

Water Damage Emergency In Fullerton? Call (877) 246-2951

Leak Detection

Given time, small leaks can cause a lot of cumulative damage.  Whether a roof or window leak or faulty plumbing it’s often difficult to track down the source, or even be sure there’s a problem.  Our experts combine years of experience with the latest in electronic leak detection instruments to find out for sure and to non-destructively pinpoint the exact location of the source.

Pack Outs

Water or just high humidity can damage fabrics, furniture, appliances, electronics, and many other items.  They should be removed from the damp environment then receive proper cleaning and drying.  Our pack out services do that for you.  Maintaining a detailed inventory all along the way, we’ll pack and transport them to our climate-controlled facility for treatment and storage not far from Fullerton.  When your home or business is ready we’ll return everything to exactly where you want them.

Mold Remediation in Fullerton

Flooding overflows, and just poor ventilation can all lead to mold problems.  And since it doesn’t need light to grow (it’s a fungus that feeds off a wide range of materials) the worst of it could be hiding in places you simply can’t see.  Visible or not it’s releasing allergens and for some species toxins with the potential for very serious health conditions.  Plus it’s destroying drywall, acoustic tile, wood, and other porous materials.

Mold removal itself can make matters worse, releasing more contamination into the air.  So our certified mold remediation team properly isolates and ventilates the work are then completes spore and mold removal by approved methods.  They may also clean surrounding areas (including air ducts), apply non-toxic antifungals, and permanently remove odors.  Our damage restoration crew can make repairs when any building materials have to be removed.