Water Damage Services West Hollywood, California

Have you’ve had any sort of water leak, spill, or intrusion?  Did it soak more than a few square feet of flooring?  Then bringing in professional water damage restoration services is a wise move.  They’ll keep damage to carpets, wood, gypsum board, furniture, and more to an absolute minimum. But you need to act immediately as there can be the permanent harm in as little as 24 hours that could have been prevented.

Our West Hollywood water damage removal experts are ready for 24-hour emergency service every day of the year. And our experienced staff can help you through the complex insurance claims process. We’re a licensed and insured contractor that can take care of all aspects of water damage restoration.

Restoration Masters

An independent locally owned and operated water damage removal company, we earn our customers’ business with certified technicians, quality workmanship, and professionalism through and through.

Serving West Hollywood and the greater LA area, we’re a bonded, insured, and fully licensed California general contractor with technicians highly trained in all aspects of water damage restoration services.  They’re certified by the Cleaning and Restoration Association (CRA) as well as the non-profit international leader the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC).  And we make sure that they always have the latest in equipment and products ready to roll 24 hours a day.

Whether after a plumbing disaster or true flooding we’ll work with your insurance company directly, navigating the claims process and assuring that their mitigation and documentation requirements are met.  We’ll bill them directly and wait for their payout, so you won’t need to come up with an up-front payment.

We back all our services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Water Damage Restoration

Taking immediate action towards fast and thorough drying is key in keeping losses and water damage repairs to a minimum.  Even seemingly small amounts of water can soak in deeply enough to remain trapped for weeks, causing wood to warp and drywall to disintegrate.  Mold and bacteria can get out of control in as little as 24-48 hours.

Our West Hollywood water damage teams are ready for anything buildings, plumbing, appliances, and weather have to throw at you.  That includes storm damage cleanup and sewage removal.  Our water damage restoration services begin with assessment and planning based on moisture measurements as well as visual inspection under floor coverings, behind cabinetry, and so on.  Our crews will also proceed with aggressive drying measures.  Special surface water extraction equipment removes up to twice as much water as most of our competitors, saving a full day or two in total drying time.  Our refrigerant dehumidifiers and directed heaters then provide complete building structural drying.  We even have special mats for rescuing hardwood floors.

After 24 hours any standing water must be treated as a significant health hazard.  So our flood damage removal begins with quickly draining or pumping out any standing water followed by extensive cleaning and disinfection.  If there’s been a sewage backup or contamination, follow your instincts and stay away!  Our anti-microbial specialists keep everyone safe throughout the process and follow OSHA requirements for themselves and those around them.

After major flooding, our team can clean or replace carpets, repair or replace drywall, replace acoustic tile, and complete whatever repairs might be necessary — all to building codes with any necessary West Hollywood permits.

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Pack Outs

Our pack out service removes furniture and other at-risk items from a damp environment.  Our certified technicians carefully pack and transport your possessions for treatment and secure storage at our climate-controlled facility not far from West Hollywood.  We’re often able to rescue items owners thought were a total loss, including business and home electronics.  Once your home or business is ready, we’ll return everything right where you want it.  In the meantime, you and your insurance company will have a detailed inventory noting the condition and treatment of each item.

Leak Detection

Once largely a matter of trial and error, non-destructive leak detection is now the norm.  So don’t fear, nor put up with, “exploration” holes.  We use the latest in electronic instruments to check for leaks, then quickly pinpoint their locations.  For a prompt solution and protection against mold and water damage, our leak detection services are available 24 hours a day for West Hollywood homes and businesses.

West Hollywood Mold Remediation

Mold presents a wide range of health issues and irreparably damages many building materials.  Due to the health risks and opportunities for spreading spores and other contamination, the EPA recommends professional mold remediation for areas greater than 10 square feet.  Keep in mind that an even larger problem can be hiding out of sight, as mold prefers to grow in dark enclosed spaces such as inside walls and under flooring.

Give us a call if you have any concerns or suspicions.  One of our certified inspectors will assess the situation.  If necessary our mold removal specialists will set up all the recommended precautions before performing thorough mold removal.  We may also recommend other abatement measures such as additional cleaning and treatments. As needed we can permanently neutralize odors, even those coming from deep within the structure.  In the worst case scenario, our crews can take care of tear-outs and reconstruction.