Water Damage Services Westminster, California

Have a water-related problem at your Westminster home or business?  The first 24 hours are the most critical in keeping water damage repairs to a minimum.  It takes surprisingly little water to soak in so deeply that it takes weeks to fully evaporate.  That usually leads to mold, decay, and other harm to a range of building materials.  Our Westminster water damage restoration team of experts is ready 24 hours a day every day of the year for emergency service.  Whatever time of the day or night you call you’ll reach a live person who can immediately dispatch a team for an assessment and free estimate.

Westminster Water Damage Restoration Services

Water damage removal involves a lot more than cleaning and fans.  The longer excess moisture lingers the more water damage repairs you’ll have.  Everything starts with an inspection along with planning and documentation for insurance purposes.  Our focus is on mitigation by getting everything safely dry as quickly as possible.  It’s what insurers require.

  • Flood Damage Removal It doesn’t matter if it was a major winter storm in Westminster or a burst washing machine hose.  Draining, pumping, and debris removal need to be followed by careful cleaning and disinfection.  Any water that’s been in contact with soil or has been standing for more than a day will be filled with bacteria, viruses, and fungi with health hazards at the same level as sewage.
  • Sewage Removal Some crews neglect the containment and isolation called for by standards and guidelines.  We don’t.  We also make sure that disinfection is meticulous and that contaminated materials that can’t be sterilized are removed and replaced.
  • Water Damage RestorationWe use the latest equipment so drying is completed before trapped moisture has time to cause much harm.  Our procedures for surface water extraction followed by dehumidification for deep structural drying are up to 2 times faster than alternatives.
  • Odor Removal We also have specialized equipment to permanently neutralize odors caused by bacteria and mold.
  • Repair and Reconstruction Our skilled crews can take care of everything from replacing carpet to new cabinetry and all the way to re-framing and reconstruction.
  • Pack Out Service Our pack out specialists can rescue furniture and other belongings by removing them from the wet and contaminated environment.  Our cleaning and restoration technicians will treat them at our climate-controlled facility near Westminster before putting them into secure storage.  When you’re ready we’ll return everything right to where it belongs.  We also maintain a detailed inventory for your insurance company and for your own peace of mind.


Water Damage Emergency In Westminster? Call (877) 246-2951

Leak Detection

Minor leaks can be hard to track down.  And major leaks may not become visible until water has flowed far from the actual source.  Our leak detection specialists use a variety of electronic instruments and techniques to pinpoint the location and source of moisture so there’s no unnecessary repairs.

Mold Remediation

Unchecked mold growth causes progressive building damage and presents the risk of mild to quite severe health issues.  It easily spreads by spores that float on the slightest air currents and thrives wherever there’s dampness.  Even in complete darkness.  So together with any water leak it can remain hidden underneath the flooring, inside walls, and just about anywhere.

Our certified mold removal professionals follow IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification, a leading international non-profit) standards and guidelines to the letter.  They’ll properly isolate and ventilate the work area prior to beginning mold remediation by approved methods.  In addition to spore and mold removal, work may include antimicrobial treatments and additional cleaning.  Our hydroxyl and ozone generators permanently remove odors, and our skilled crews can provide damage restoration repairs.  As with all our water damage services major repairs are done in accordance with Westminster building code and permit requirements.

Restoration Masters

We’re a single company able to meet all your Westminster mold and water damage restoration needs, from cleanup and structural drying to repairs and reconstruction.  Independent and locally owned and operated we’re fully licensed, insured, and bonded.  Our cleaning and restoration technicians are dependable professionals, certified by the CRA (Cleaning and Restoration Association) and IICRC.

We understand all the ins and outs of insurance coverage for property loss due to water damage.  We’ll work with your insurance company directly, meeting their mitigation and documentation requirements for a faster and smoother claims process.

We’re known for our compassionate customer service as well as for our technical excellence.  And you have our 100% satisfaction guarantee.