4 Major Signs of Water Damage in Your Home to Watch Out For

Taking care of your residential property is an integral part of feeling happy and secure with home life. However, there may be times when you feel there’s something disturbing the peace. One of these things can be water damage, and it can be difficult to detect if you don’t know the signs. But don’t worry, we will help you get oriented. 

This article will discuss the four basic tell-tale indicators your house may need water damage repairs. Take this as an opportunity to be more prepared for disasters and other unsettling incidences. This way, you can think about your family’s welfare and safeguard your belongings. 

General feelings of humidity and moisture in your surroundings

It’s normal to feel humid during the summer months, and there will also be days when your house feels particularly clammy due to the leftover moisture after the rain. But if there are moments at home that combine humidity and moisture without witnessing any changes in weather and temperature, the issue may be water damage-related and hidden from plain sight. 

Water damage can change the general atmosphere of any room in the home when it’s trapped behind the walls and flooring. You can also expect to see some puddles and imperfections on your insulation if your plumbing and drainage systems are faulty. Consult a disaster restoration specialist immediately to identify the root cause and help you control the humidity and moisture levels in your home. 

Seeing dark, wet spots on the walls 

Spotting is another worrying sight common for water damage, and it can also be an indication of mold growth. It means the water had no place to go and stayed in between the floorboards. 

Another common sign is rainwater stuck in between roof shingles and insulation, resulting in wood decay and dark spotting. Because of the biohazardous nature of these damages, it’s best to evacuate and contact a restoration company to deal with the issue and protect your family’s health and wellbeing. 

Smelling a foul, mold-like odor coming from pipelines

It’s easy to mistake mold smell for raw sewage and fecal matter, meaning it can be hard to detect if it’s connected to water damage. The best way to indicate that the issue is water damage-based is by looking for the smell within your home plumbing, like the pipes in the basement. If that’s where the bad smell comes from, you may want to shut off the main valve first until the issue is fixed. 

An unexplainable increase with your water bill 

Your water usage in the household may not match your bill because there’s a major leakage in your plumbing that affects the utility provider’s monthly billing. It means there may be a consistent flow of wasted water. You need to shut the valve off immediately and contact a water damage contractor to help restore your home. 


Water damage can be challenging to notice, especially without special tools and practical expertise. Fortunately, you now have a better understanding of the basics and can be prepared to some degree. Just ensure you can contact the right restoration specialists to address the issues. Keep your house safe and be on the lookout for possible disasters.   

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