Is It Possible to Salvage Furniture after a Flood?

Natural disasters may occur at any time and harm everyone. Although flood zones are prone to flooding, a severe storm may bring flooding in areas where it would not ordinarily occur. Flooding may do a lot of harm to your house and its contents.

Don’t panic if your furniture was destroyed in a flood; there is still a chance for it to be restored. The type of furniture you have and the extent of the flooding in your home will determine whether or not your wet furniture may be preserved after a flood. Because solid wood furniture is less porous than upholstered or particleboard furniture, it has a greater chance of being rescued.

Water damage repair is typically more involved than a typical furniture restoration process and, as a result, should be left to the specialists. There are several actions you may do without the help of a professional firm. Here’s some additional information about flood-damaged furniture and what you should think about if you want to recover your furniture after a minor flood.

1. Leather

Leather is a natural material that can withstand some water damage, but it’s still best to air dry leather as soon as possible. Mold and mildew will quickly form on wet leather, so it’s important to take measures to dry it out.

2. Upholstered Furniture

If your upholstered furniture has been soaked in dirty water, chances are it will be beyond saving. The same goes for particleboard or any other type of pressed wood furniture. These materials are highly absorbent and will quickly swell and warp when exposed to water.

3. Solid Wood Furniture

Solid wood furniture is the most likely to survive a flood. If your solid wood furniture has been soaked in clean water, you may be able to salvage it. Start by disassembling the furniture and removing any hardware. Clean the wood with a mild detergent and allow it to dry completely. Once it’s dry, you can sand down any rough spots and refinish them.

4. Metal Furniture

Metal furniture will usually survive a flood, but it may rust if it’s exposed to water for too long. If your metal furniture is rusty, you can remove the rust with a wire brush or sandpaper and then repaint the furniture.

5. Glass Furniture

Glass furniture is also likely to survive a flood, but you will need to clean it thoroughly to prevent mold and mildew from forming. Start by removing any dirt, debris, or mud with a damp cloth. Then, clean the glass with a glass cleaner and allow it to dry completely.


Water damage is one of the most devastating things that can happen to your home and furniture. But don’t despair, there is hope for restoring even flood-damaged furniture. The type of furniture you have and the extent of the flooding will determine whether or not your furniture can be saved. It’s always best to leave water damage restoration to the professionals, but there are some steps you can take on your own to mitigate the damage.

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