Everything You Need to Know About Smoke Damage Cleanup

If you own a hotel or any commercial facility, unfortunate situations may occur in your space, such as floods, molds, and fires. And since these events are quite severe, you’ll need to work with companies offering restoration services to help you clean up.

Common commercial accidents are fires, and to remedy this, you’ll need to go through intensive smoke cleanup to remove the odors of fire. This will include ventilating the whole space, purifying the air, normalizing the air quality, and deodorizing the establishment. Sometimes, if the damage is too severe, sealing walls and replacing wood items may be necessary. 

To help you with this issue, it’s best to hire commercial and hotel restoration companies because they’ll know all the tips and tricks to safely and adequately manage this type of situation. 

If you need to conduct smoke damage cleanup in your establishment, stick around. Because in this article, we’ll share with you everything you need to know about smoke damage cleanup. From the different types of fires to odor removal and overall cleanup, we’ve got you covered.

What are the different types of fire and smoke damage?

  • Grease and oil fires

Kitchens will have significant smoke odors due to the oils and fats used in cooking that produce thick smoke. These smokey smells can stick to the kitchen’s walls, cabinets, ceilings, and even spread throughout the other rooms. 

Some kitchen equipment are also prone to fires and smoke, such as ovens, microwaves, stovetops, and toasters. 

  • Electrical fires

Although electrical wires are typically safe and have a low risk of fire, older and outdated wires or improper usage of outlets may cause fires and smoke.

  • Fireplace and chimney fires

When used properly, fireplaces and chimneys also have a low risk of smoke damage. However, it can cause smoke odors to back up and damage the air quality in your space without maintenance.

  • Cigarette smoke

Some areas in your establishment may allow smoking tobacco products, like cigarettes, cigars, and pipes. However, these products can leave odors throughout your space, especially with prolonged or heavy use of cigarettes. 

What makes smoke and soot different from each other?

Smoke and soot are both produced during a fire; however, they are quite different. Smoke contains carbon monoxide and other gases and is a visible vapor and gas produced when there is a fire, creating pungent odors. On the other hand, soot is the solid byproduct of a fire.

How do you clean up smoke damage?

The amount of smoke incurred by a specific space will determine how much deodorizing it needs to remove the smells after a fire. And because smoke can travel faster and much farther than flames, you’ll need to cover the whole property. 

Unfortunately, you can’t do this job alone, and it’s much more advisable to ask for assistance from commercial and hotel restoration companies to do this task for you. There are many things restoration technicians need to consider to ensure that the property is free from smoke smell and the damage has been managed.

Depending on the extent of the smoke, restoration technicians will try different processes for deodorizing after a fire. For example, if you sustained a small fire, ventilation can be effective; however, you mustn’t forget that some materials in the room have already absorbed smoke odors. 

As for large fires, deodorizing a space requires other methods like treating surfaces with specific chemicals to neutralize the smell. And for persistent smokey smells, ozone generators might be needed to produce ozone (O3) molecules to eliminate fire and smoke odors.


Smoke damage cleanup is an incredibly tedious job, and depending on the severity of the fire, it may take up to a few days. When you need to deal with smoke damage, it’s best to leave it in the hands of restoration experts from reputable commercial and hotel restoration companies. They’ll know all the tricks in the book to ensure that your facility looks better and smells better as if no accident happened whatsoever. 

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