Fire Damage Restoration: Everything You Need to Know

Everyone knows that once you spot a fire, you should call the local firemen. But once the fire has been put out, what do you do next? The resulting damage can be a lot to take in, especially after such a traumatic event. But everything can just as easily be taken care of.

After a fire breaks out, there will typically be a clean-up afterward. There is a specific process for a thorough and safe clean-up to ensure that there are no more hazards surrounding the fire-damaged area. 

Here are some of the steps that restoration companies take to clean up the damaged areas and make sure that your property is safe once again.

1. Thorough Inspection of Property

Restoration companies will typically do a thorough sweep of the property to see what damage has been accrued and to clear any hazardous waste that may have been left behind. You should contact the restoration company straight away so that you are not at risk of contact with any of these hazards.

They should be able to do routine checks on the structure to see if they have become fragile due to the fire. A professional restoration company should know what areas received a critical hit from the fire and what areas to work on.

2. Inspection of Water Damage

Aside from a general inspection of the property, there will also be an inspection done to see if you have accumulated any water damage. For fires put out by fire hoses or sprinklers, there could be some considerable damage to walls, floors, windows, and the like.

The restoration company should get the damaged areas dried up before they complete the restoration process. Not only will this save any water-logged possessions, but it should also prevent the emergence of mold.

3. Cleanup of Damaged Areas

Once inspections have been conducted, the cleanup process should start. If any items were damaged either by the fire or by a water source, they should be thrown away. Depending on the radius of the fire, there is no assurance you will recover all of your possessions. 

If you can salvage some of your personal items on your own, then you can. However, we recommend that you leave the treatment of the structures to the professionals. Things such as drywall repairs are difficult to fix without an expert eye. Plus, the structural integrity will be tested and repaired in the process.

4. Reparations of Smoke Damage

Aside from fire or water, another cause of damage to property and items is smoke. The stench could cling to your clothes, and that is the least of your problems. Any damage due to smoke could take a long time to repair, so it’s best that you call your restoration company quickly.

Unlike its cause, smoke damage cannot simply dissipate or be washed off from upholstery or clothing. Be mindful of any residual soot that you might encounter on your appliances as well.


To recover any possessions or salvage surviving parts of the house, it’s best to avail of fire damage restoration services immediately. These professionals are equipped with everything they need to help you after such an event.

Don’t attempt to repair damage in the aftermath of a fire by yourself. It helps to have an expert by your side. At Restoration Masters, we offer fire damage restoration services for residential and commercial buildings. You can contact us at (877) 246-2951. We are reachable 24/7 and are quick to respond.

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