How Pros Fix a Water Damaged Subfloor

You should never ignore a damaged subfloor. At the first sign of water damaged subfloor, you should begin to take action. Failure to fix this damage quickly can lead to more serious problems down the road.

You may feel overwhelmed and consider correcting the damage yourself to save money. Completing a DIY subfloor repair job is a big project to handle without the help of professionals and although it may seem like you’re saving money, you could end up spending more because the job wasn’t done right.

When you hire professionals to complete the project for you, you can expect your subflooring to be either repaired or replaced without the worry of something done incorrectly. Here’s everything you need to know about hiring professionals to do the job for you!

1. Stop Water and Expose Subflooring

The first thing that the professionals will do is stop the source of water from continuing to damage your subfloor. If you were unable to locate the source of the flood or leak yourself, this will be the first task done. Next, it’s time to expose the subfloor.

All baseboards, carpets, vinyl flooring, and any other materials placed over the subfloor will be removed to expose the damages.

2. Remove All Damaged Subflooring

Professionals will then remove all of the damaged subflooring. They’ll use the right tools and experience to cut the subfloor that’s affected. They’ll cut as close to the floor joist as possible.

The damaged materials will be removed with caution. All nails, dust, and other debris will be cleaned properly.

3. Allow a Full Drying Process

The remaining materials will then need to dry. To ensure they dry in a correct manner, certain techniques should be used such as using fans and dehumidifiers in the area. In some cases, you’ll need to allow several days for the area to air dry before moving on to the next step.

This prevents mold and mildew from growing in the future.

4. Strengthen Floor Joists

All remaining floor joists will need to be strengthened by reinforcing them with boards. If this step is necessary, then the professionals will know what needs to be done and how to do it.

If any of the floor joists were affected by water damage, then this step will help strengthen them and give everyone peace of mind.

5. Install New Subflooring

The last step is to install the new subfloor! Professionals will measure and cut the new subfloor to ensure it fits as it should. Having professionals install your new subfloor for you ensures that it’s installed the right way.

This is essential for creating a stable and structurally sound subfloor.

Call the Professionals to Fix Water Damaged Subfloor Today!

If your subfloor has been damaged from a leak, then you need to call the professionals! Fixing water damaged subfloor on your own is a big project to take on and requires extensive knowledge about the subfloor removal and installation process.

Are you ready to have the professionals help you?

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