What Commonly Causes Water Damage in a Home__ Our Guide

For any homeowner in the Orange County, Riverside, or Los Angeles areas, there is a rather large array of concerns or worries that one may have whenever they take care of their homes.

As if the COVID-19 pandemic didn’t bring enough trouble into the lives of Californians, the great array of worries that come with thinking about what can happen to a home all of a sudden doesn’t make things any easier. Over the years, homeowners have become more aware of threats such as flash flooding, wildfires, landslides, and earthquakes that can put their lives at risk and potentially ruin their houses.

If you’ve dedicated more of your time and effort towards protecting your home, family, and hard-earned possessions from the risks of various disasters, then you’ve probably been doing the research to get the job done. While each potential disaster bears some kind of effect to watch out and proactively prepare for, the risk of experiencing water damage stands out the most. And this brings us to our topic for today: what are the common causes for water damage?

A list of causes to keep in mind

Although every natural disaster or problem that can affect your home is a cause for worry, none of them are as destructive or problematic as water damage. In recent years, this problem has become responsible for causing hundreds of millions in damages for California homes alone, far more than any other problem.

However, here’s the thing you need to know about water damage: you can prevent it from devastating your home as long as you’re aware of what causes it. 

To help you ensure that you’re taking every necessary step moving forward towards preventing water damage from messing up your home and putting your health, safety, and sanity in danger, here’s a list of common causes to watch out for: 

Clogged plumbing fixtures

Currently, one of the most common causes of water damage in homes in Ventura, Orange County, Riverside, and Los Angeles is the presence of clogged plumbing fixtures like drains or toilets. 

The way clogged plumbing fixtures cause water damage is that when drains begin to clog up, they cause water to back up and force it to flow the path of least resistance. Unfortunately, this natural reaction ends up backfiring as blocked-up water ends up having nowhere to go, causing it to flood over to any available space. 

Although these problems may seem straightforward, the problem is that they’re so widespread and people don’t act on them as quickly enough as they should. Fortunately, you can prevent these problems from building up and wreaking havoc on your home by spotting these key signs and calling Restoration Masters’ experts ASAP once you see them: 

  • Weakened water flows from faucets
  • Difficulty in flushing toilets (or low amounts of reservoir water)
  • Slight contaminations in water quality caused by blockages 

Leaking pipes

Speaking of problematic plumbing, another common reason homes end up experiencing minor to severe water damages is that they end up dealing with a leaking pipe problem. 

Oftentimes, pipes that end up leaking or bursting out of nowhere will snowball until they start to affect more than just a home’s plumbing because of the uncontrollable level of pressure that caused the problem. Once the running water from a plumbing network is let loose, it will rapidly get to the point where it can cause thousands in damages by the hour until emergency help is brought in.

The best way to beat this common cause for water damage in your home is to enlist a plumber’s services to check your pipes for signs of leaks and corrosion regularly. By doing this simple yet effective practice, you’ll be able to act on the presence of any problems that may pose a threat long before they begin to burst and overflow!


Among the different types of problems that you can encounter when taking care of your home, one of the most dangerous ones of the bunch is water damage. Once you’re well aware of the most common reasons your property could end up experiencing this kind of damage, you can mitigate the risks as best as you can in no time!

Dealing with a leaky problem in your residential property doesn’t have to be too much of a hurdle because we’re here to help. Restoration Masters provides top-quality water damage restoration in La Mirada, CA, for various types of homes. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services!

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