What Does Water Damage Look Like?

Have you ever asked yourself: what does water damage look like? It’s a vital question all homeowners need to answer from time to time. If left alone, these damages grow into an even more expensive repair project.

That’s why knowing the signs of water damage is so important. You’ll be able to tackle the problem and get it fixed before things get worse. Quick action against the spread of water damage protects your family, your belongings, and your home.

To learn what signs to look out for, keep reading!

Yellowed Stains

One of the first water damage signs many homeowners see is staining on their ceilings or walls. It has a yellowed or brown color and has a bumpy cauliflower-like pattern as it seeps through the material.

It doesn’t much matter if you know how to tell if water damage is new or old. As soon as you see stains, you know there’s a leak somewhere that needs fixing.


The question of how do you know if your ceiling has water damage often has an easy answer: warping. It’s one of the easiest types of water damage signs to recognize and as soon as you see any kind of warping, it’s time to call in the restoration professionals.

This kind of heavy water damage ruins the structural integrity of your home. Water causes the material of your walls, ceiling, and flooring, to turn into a sponge. If it’s left for too long in this state, you can even touch and feel the sponge-like texture.

Bubbled Wallpaper or Paint

Due to the way water warps and seeps into everything, one of the biggest signs of damage is bubbling in the wallpaper or the paint of your walls. This bubbling often leads to flaking or peeling, further causing damage throughout your home.

A new coat of paint isn’t enough to fix this problem. You’ll want to start with the leak and then repair the walls to ensure the water doesn’t fester and make the damage worse.

Mold Growth

As soon as water starts leaking in your home, the risk for mold growth begins. These infectious spores are a danger to both your health and your home. It’s often a black fuzzy color and spreads along wherever there is staining or warping.

Make sure to take extra precautions when dealing with this particular problem. Since mold is so difficult to get rid of without professional help, many homeowners think they’ve cleared it all away only to find it growing back a few days later. When in doubt, call in a professional company.

Never Wonder Again About “What Does Water Damage Look Like?”

Now that you know the answer to the conundrum of what does water damage look like, you’ll be prepared no matter how bad the weather gets throughout the year. Whenever you experience a bad storm or flooding, it’s time to inspect your home for these signs of water damage.

As soon as you notice these signs, it’s time to call in your local professionals to tackle the job before it gets worse.

If you’re dealing with water damage in your home, make certain to check out our services so that we can help you fix the problem right away!

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