5 Common Causes of Water Damage at Home: What to Do

One of the most dreaded scenarios of any homeowner is to encounter water damage at home. The chances are that you see floodwater in the basement, standing water in different areas around your house, or heavy leaks coming from poorly-installed plumbing fixtures. When confronted with such problems, the most logical course of action is to hire a water damage restoration company. 

However, before you face any form of water damage, it is always best to uphold the saying that “prevention is better than cure.” This is why you must know where this water problem is coming from so that you know how to prevent it.

In this article, we have prepared a list of five common causes of water damage at home:

1. Damaged or burst pipes

There is nothing more alarming than seeing your plumbing pipes crack or burst. When that happens, you will likely see water flowing out of it, causing water damage at home. There are usually a handful of reasons for a damaged pipe, such as old age, penetrating roots of surrounding trees, and frozen water inside the pipe during winter. Although some of them may seem like minor issues, they will become major problems when not dealt with early on.

2. Poor drainage system

Your drainage system includes all pipes that convey sewage, rainwater, and wastewater to the point of disposal. However, it is not designed to last forever as it is subject to constant wear and tear. In fact, a poor drainage system or an old drainage line is one of the leading causes of home flooding. The problem can be intensified by rainwater leaks, blocked sewer lines, or lawn drainage issues.

3. Clogged toilet 

While it’s common among households to experience a clogged toilet, there are instances when the water backs up and severely overflows. Not only is this circumstance alarming, but it can also be disgusting and health-compromising for the whole family. This usually happens when family members don’t practice proper garbage disposal and throw any stuff in the toilet. It is recommended that only three Ps are allowed to be flushed down—pee, poo, and paper (toilet paper).

4. Sewer backup

It’s common among homeowners to experience a sewer backup, which can be caused by shrubs and trees penetrating sewer lines as they seek water. What started as a small crack will eventually escalate into extensive damages. As a result, they cause some blockages causing a sewer backup or, worst, a water overflow.

5. Clogged gutters

Gutters are vital parts of your roofing system, as they serve to drain rainwater away from your house and into proper drainage or ground. However, they can get clogged with leaves, twigs, birds’ nests, pests, and other debris, especially if they are not cleaned over time. When heavy rainfall or storm occurs, they won’t be able to serve their main purpose, leading to water leaks and water damage.


At this point, you now know five common causes of water damage at home. As outlined above, it may originate from damaged or burst pipes, poor drainage system, clogged toilets, sewer backups, and clogged gutters.

To prevent them from happening, you must have regular inspection and maintenance of your plumbing system to ensure each part is in top shape and condition. However, if you encounter unexpected water damage, get in touch with a water restoration company as soon as possible to remedy the situation!

There’s nothing more alarming than having water damage at home. But fret not, as we provide water damage restoration in Los Angeles for both residential and commercial properties. If you’re looking to have water damage repair and cleanup brought by those mentioned above, get in touch with Restoration Masters Expert today to see how we can help!

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