The Most Vital Mold Checks Needed before Buying a House

If you or any family members have asthma or allergies, you need to be painfully aware of mold’s effects on your health. But even for those who are not sickly or allergic, this fungus can cause a variety of problems; that’s why mold remediation before buying a house is crucial.

However, the good news is you don’t always need a professional home inspector to identify if there are mold issues. You just need to conduct vital checks in these areas and resolve them with mold remediation:

The Basement

Damp and dark areas are ideal for mold to grow. Check the basement for signs of mold growth, especially in the corners or around leaky pipes. Remember that mold can be deceiving, often appearing as dirt, so pay extra attention when looking for it. Mold tends to grow on floors and walls, so the colors you need to look out for are specks or overgrowths of green or yellow fungi. Those are clear signs for mold remediation.


A slight musty smell or condensation can be a warning sign of mold. If you also notice green- or yellow-colored stains on the ceiling, it may be due to mold growth.

Closets or Wardrobes

These areas are often dark, moist, and filled with places for mold spores to land. Check corners, floors, and any other difficult spots to reach to ensure no mold exists. 

Crawl Spaces 

Like basements and attics, crawl spaces are prone to mold growth because they are damp and dark. To check any mold growth in the crawl space, look for signs of high humidity, such as water stains or signs of recent paint jobs. You should use dehumidifiers to lower humidity levels if needed.


A home’s drywall can hide mold behind them. You need to look for signs pointing towards it, such as musty smells and stains requiring mold remediation. Wallpaper is also prone to mold infestations, so check for any peeling or moisture.

Sinks in the Bathroom and Kitchen

Molds can grow anywhere with dampness and dirt, including under kitchen and bathroom sinks. Look for leaks, especially around the faucet, which drips water when the supply is turned off.

Any Sliding Door

It’s important to note that any nook or cranny that holds moisture or where moisture can pass results in mold, so don’t forget to examine the tracks of sliding doors and see if they’re adequately sealed. Also, check if there is a place for rain to puddle, as that can also promote mold growth.

Trusses in the Attic and Sheathing of the Roof

Many attics have mold around the roofline. Inspect the corners and seams for signs of water infiltration, which are like breeding grounds.


The windows are one of the critical areas that you need to inspect for mold. Make sure the windows seal properly and do not have any condensation buildup. Pay close attention to the sill, as that indicates the condition of the window. If you find any evidence of rot and mold, then you will have to replace the windows as soon as possible.

Get Mold Remediation through Restoration Masters

If you discover mold in a potential home or business location, don’t finalize the purchase yet. Resolve that issue by making the former owner call a team of restorers to eliminate the infestation. After all, mold causes serious health risks, so it’s better to be safe than sorry in the long haul. Plus, you’re not paying for it. The owner is since that was a gross oversight on their part.

Get mold remediation in Torrance, CA, through Restoration Masters! We do full-service restoration for residential and commercial spaces through our team of certified technicians. Contact us today at 877-246-2951!

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