Essential Tips on What to Do In Case of Water Damage at Home

There is nothing more equally stressful and alarming than a sudden water damage emergency at home. This can come in various forms. There could be sudden flooding on the lower floors of your home. 

There is a chance that a pipe could burst, sparing water and waste all over the house. Something as simple as a leak or water mysteriously coming from various places can be classified as water damage.

There are plenty of things that can go wrong with water inside your home. Once it happens, it can be easy to lose your bearings and get caught up in the chaos. 

No matter how many possible scenarios there are, there are several things that should stay consistent. Whether it’s a flood, a leak, or whatever else, there are a few reliable things you can do to ensure that the damage doesn’t ruin too much.

Water damage is one of a homeowner’s worst nightmares. Once it happens, you have no other choice but to act fast. 

Here is what you need to do in case of sudden water damage at home:

Stay Calm

A quick way for any situation to get out of hand is by losing your head. Consider how many people there are in the house during the damage—particularly if there are children. You have to maintain a calm and collected disposition. At that point, you’re the best at ensuring the water damage isn’t too bad. Collect everyone in the house into one area, preferably somewhere dry, then create a game plan.

Safety First

If there is flooding or water damage near the electrical source, do your best to turn everything off. Shut down the circuit breaker and unplug all devices to prevent any possibility of anyone getting electrocuted. Make sure everyone stays away from standing water, especially small children and pets. If there are any other capable adults, you can find the source and stop it if possible.

Protect Your Things

After ensuring that the house is safe and secure, the next thing you can do is to save whatever belongings you can. The water damage restoration will be enough of a drain on your finances when all is said and done. Try to minimize the property and material damage as much as you can. If it’s safe, you can even enlist the help of some kids. Remember, you still have to keep safe first. So, even when you’re trying to save your stuff, don’t risk your own safety for it. 

Document the Damage

Take as many photos of the damage as you can. This can help you immensely when it comes to dealing with insurance and other professionals to help you fix the water damage. If you happened to find the source, take photos of that too. You can also take videos if you have the time and energy to do so. Any evidence and clear documentation will be valuable in restoring your home and repairing the damage.


The most important thing to remember during an emergency is to prioritize safety no matter what the cause. Only when you’re sure no one is hurt, and everyone is safe should you start looking for the source of the damage and taking care of it.

You won’t always be able to take care of water damage on your own, but there are plenty of other things you can do when you can’t. Save your items, document the damage, and call the professionals.

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