4 Reasons Behind Water Damage From Fire Sprinklers

An automatic fire sprinkler system is a fundamental component in residential and commercial properties, primarily since it serves as an effective fire prevention measure. It’s a reliable feature that is always regarded as an addition to the building’s security, but few people think about the severe repercussions when the system fails. 

It’s easy to think that poor performance can lead to catastrophic results once a fire starts, but triggering the system without any fires present can also present costly consequences in the form of water damage. Beyond fire damages, 25 percent of property claims in the USA root from water damage due to a failure from your sprinklers, making it a pressing problem that deserves more attention. 

Understanding the reason behind its potential failure is crucial in mitigating the risks. With that in mind, here are some of the common culprits behind a leaking sprinkler system: 


1. Improper Installation 

Installation defects due to human error can lead to disastrous results for the sprinkler system. A poor fit for the sprinkler head – be it overly tightened or loose – increases the chances of leakage over time. You can quickly mitigate the problem by hiring a qualified and certified installation company to get the job done right the first time. 


2. Overheating 

Sprinklers are designed to activate when it senses heat, but hot temperatures trapped in certain areas in the room during summer can also trigger it to go off. Different temperatures stimulate various forms of sprinkler heads, so be sure to choose the ideal temperature that calls for an alarm. 


3. Freezing 

If summer can activate the sprinklers, winter can freeze the water in the pipes, causing it to expand, burst, and crack. Fortunately, there are anti-freeze features and insulating add-ons you can install to protect your sprinkler system against the cold weather. 


4. Corrosion 

When oxygen and microbes enter the sprinkler system, it can turn into a blockage that can compromise the sprinklers in more ways than one. From emanating foul odors to rust development, it’s best to have a water damage restoration company inspect your pipes to nip the problem at its bud. 


The Bottom Line: Exploring the Hidden Threat Behind Fire Sprinkler Systems 

Fire sprinklers are designed to douse flames that could potentially burn everything in its path, but poor installation and other factors can spark other forms of trouble that are easy to overlook. Damages from your sprinkler system can lead to flood and water damage, both of which can be equally destructive. 

Doing your homework on the proper installation, use, and maintenance of sprinkler systems is a handy skill that allows you to maximize its benefits without the risk that comes with it. 


How Can We Help?

If you’re looking for services like water damage repair in Santa Clarita, we’re the right full-service restoration company to call. From water damage cleanup to reconstruction, residential and commercial buildings alike can benefit from our multifaceted workmanship. Get in touch with us and see what else we can do to protect your property. 

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